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Ask Jacobians Say Your Opinion. Feel Matters!

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by suzybest, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. suzybest

    suzybest Jackobian

    Lately I have seen that the success of a scheme depends on the opinion of the people....! Tell me what you feel like a new up coming scheme should have?
  2. suzybest

    suzybest Jackobian

    I have a new site am working on.

    It will be trusted and reliable, but your opinion Jacobean counts a lot.

    What do you thing new schemes lacks?
  3. suzybest

    suzybest Jackobian

    We are not talking about the already developed. We are talking about yet to come,
  4. Songday

    Songday Rookie!!!

    Most of them are thieves. They'll match all new members to themselves and their loved ones then they will abandon the site and go and create another one and do the same thing and the cycle continues. Some Admins has more than 7 sites. In two weeks, I loose more than 500k to Ponzi but now I've known their logic
  5. suzybest

    suzybest Jackobian

    This will ad different.
  6. suzybest

    suzybest Jackobian

    Lately it's difficult for almost every one. Including me. We've experienced scam.

    But this one will be different