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Official Jackobian Mobile App Is Finally Here | Download The Updated Version On Google Play Store Now.

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Apr 2, 2017.


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  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

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  3. Danny007

    Danny007 Upcoming

    Love this development
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  4. Kenny

    Kenny GrandMaster

    Nice Development...5Star App

    @Gad Nice Job
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  5. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    Cool cool bro...Jackobian soaring higher
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  6. jesse

    jesse Active

    Soft......nce work @Gad
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  7. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    @Gad better come in here. Comments 4 u!
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  8. olalekan

    olalekan Upcoming

    Am glad to have this side on app
  9. Praise

    Praise Leader

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  10. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    You are welcome bro, share with others too
  11. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Meanwhile guys an update has currently be made on the app, please download the new version here ›››

    Jackobian Mobile 8.2 – Applications Android sur Google Play

    or just search for Jackobian Mobile on Google play store, sure you guys are going to love the new version, don't forget to rate it too.

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  12. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Thanks bro
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  13. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Thanks bro

    Nice, share with others too
    Yeah bro, and with the support of you guys too ;)
  14. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    It really is bro ;)
  15. rillz

    rillz Active

    wow @Gad you did a nice job,I wish to take up from you cos I wish to be a developer too. nice work
    more good are coming
    Gad likes this.
  16. zipphy25

    zipphy25 Active

    Ah no c am
    Gad likes this.


    HI FIVE @Gad
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  18. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    The App is just paragon
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  19. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

  20. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Thanks bro, can't wait for that...... ;)
    Share with others too
  21. zipphy25

    zipphy25 Active

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  22. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Aww, thanks so much bro, share with others too, and don't forget to rate it ;)
  23. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Yeah you finally saw it dear?
  24. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Menh dictionary things o :p, thanks bro
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  25. zipphy25

    zipphy25 Active

    Downloaded ...awesome
    Gad likes this.
  26. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Nice, don't forget to rate it too ;)........

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  27. zipphy25

    zipphy25 Active

    Chatting from my jackobian app hehehe
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  28. Jimbaby23

    Jimbaby23 Jackobian

    It's fantastically wow! Love it. May God enlarge your knowledge and wisdom to serve humanity better. God will reward you in due season.
  29. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    Amen to that, and you too

    Share with others too, thanks alot
  30. Onlyone

    Onlyone Jackobian

    awesome! :D:)
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  31. Danny007

    Danny007 Upcoming

    Using my jackobian app now very much like it
    No are you sure to exit
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
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