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Jackobian Bitcoin Banks - The Who, What, Why, Pros & Cons In Details!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Beautiful day it is Jackobians
    and a good Revelation is it.. What am gonna do here. Hope I have your ears and eyes? And attention and mind too!
    Let's go!

    First of all, this is a very interesting topic... Bitcoin Rose above $1000 yesterday and all bitcoin fans should be celebrating by now... I am! So, let's talk about the way forward in that spirit.

    Table of Content:
    1. Banks: What da Hell is wrong with Banks???
    2. The Very Nature of Jackobian Bitcoin Banks
    3. The Real Jackobian Bitcoin Banks! [List of Existing ones and Contact details of their able Managers]

    Let's differentiate Banks from Jackobian Banks so you don't get scared or confused...

    Speaking of Banks... We all love and hate them for different reasons. But not Jackobian Bitcoin banks!
    "Lols, not Jackobian banks", how?
    To explain that, Let's start with why people hate banks...

    Before then, this post should not be misinterpreted as it is nvery easy to do so. I wanna draw the line between naira banks as you see in cites and Jackobian Bitcoin Banks and not make you hate these banks more than you already do!

    People hate banks because of different things, i think i have a million of them myself. Yeah millions and probably more.. Here are some

    Unnecessary Formality & Rigidity

    You get to feel a hundred documents at the slightest chance they get, even for common compaints and enquiries sometimes, you get to write letters and do all those things that only end up in their waste bins!
    I got my ID card just because of Banks and through they might have collected it at different intervals, i still ocket it each time i am going to the bank because you may never know when they are gonna demand for a photocopy. I so hate the formalities and they seem to enjoy it actually which makes me wonder at times.. Perhaps it doesn't happen that way with you anyway because i have a feeling they look at me like a teen or something but am sure there are so many people like me and they aren't so happy with the methods that our banks have adopted in this regards!

    Speaking of formality, ask a Banker for her phone number so as to assist you on a later day and you will not just get turned down, you will be made to feel like you just got turned down on a date request.. that kind thing.

    Of course, with Bitcoin banks here, Phone numbers are usually the first things you see when you arrive at each Bank!

    Disheartening Bank Charges

    I don't need to say anything here.. We all know it and how it happens.
    It's as though all these banks are fighting themselves! Make a transaction from one bank to another using mobile phone and you will be charged nothing less than 105 naira alongside the ever present alert charges... which in my case First bank claimed that they can't deactivate it for me and in turn asking how much charges i incur monthly via bank alerts!!!
    Charges with these banks someitmes drive people crazy.. am one of them, perhaps because am not a millionaire or just maybe because it is wrong to charge so high actually.


    I got my dollar mastercard from stanbic bank the other day and only stared at the crazy limit they indicated BOLDLY there. These guys want me to stay below $300 daily and not just me anyway but every of their customer because there is no way to upgrade or lift that limit!
    This one is actually very funny. They have no idea that they are promoting Bitcoin by establishing such limits.
    Well, our Central Bank gets to take the pain because even the bankers don't care as all of them use the same Bitcoins to move millions around... In the end, you find out that CBN is just deceiving themselves by giving us $300 as transfer limit!
    But then, am not crying much because the Bitcoin thing is one am solidly behind so one way o another, CBN send more people into the Bitcoin world and they get to like it and decide to stick around. price sky rocket and investors make more money! All so cool.

    Most Bankers SOOOO Hate their Job

    I think this one is very obvious. These guys aren't smiling with you. They are in front of money so there is little reason to smile anyway but then some of them take it way beyond where it should be. I don't know if it's because they arwen't getting pauid as they expect considering qwhat thwey manage in a day or because they aren't their own boss or whatever but they aren't happy actually. For some that i know, the reason is simple.. The Job is stressful and Time consuming... leave by 6:30, come back by 9. As you will expect, bankers are hardly ever as efficient at home as teachers, lecturers,etc. and others in the same white collar jobs.
    Am not angry about this though because we actually bneed them the way banks are made to operate so they can as well stick around all day and all night!.. i didn't mean that.
    Point is... given the opportunity to do so, most bankers will quit their job for a job that pays less but offers more comfort and control over their day.
    In the end, we arrive at one thing... The banks aren't so much loved both by influence of the central bank, bank policies and the workers that are the ones we actually interact with! They all sum up to one thing.. dissatisfied customers... Still think am bluffing? Go to banks and ATM and you will see what am talking about.
    Now, we are done with these banks, let's take our attention back to Jackobian banks, the main reason why we are here today anyawy.

    What are Jackobian Banks?

    I think the best way to describe them is to describe how the very first one started! Let's see then...

    The first of them all is the Central Bank of Bitcoins Jackobian!
    The bank was started by me and that name as you see it has no special meaning anyway apart from the fact that it sounds cool, at least at the time!
    You can equally call it Prezzy Bank!

    I started it last year probably in december after i learned about Bitcoin and saw the need to do so here on Jackobian. I didn't take it seriously enough UNTIL... I lost 159k to a Bitcoin scammer!

    Crying and wailing could not solve that nor could first bank help me do anything without some court order and police order both of which i was not ready for at that time. Hence my money just disappeared to one James Abu... one of the main reasons why Central Bank is serious with Business!
    After i got scammed myself, i kbnew this guy will just be reapeating the same thing over and over again and will never really get tired of scamming people. And of course he is not the only one as thwere are tons of them out there so i made up my mind that the Central Bank of Bitcoins Jackobian was going to be strengthened and made to support Jakcobians more! This is what i did and it worked actually. From time to time, there were still Bitcoin scam alerts on Jackobian and among Jackobians and each time we spread the word about Central Bank the more until the voices of people who get scammed started thinning away into comments of Thank You on CBB!

    That was How these Banks started! Then came a wonderful woman @tututious , she was actually spamming anyway and almost got her account banned. Chai! That would have been one of my biggest mistakes ever!
    Yeah, she arrived from Nairaland actually and after much much, she got a Bank here on Jackobian - Tututious Bank.

    As you will expect, with such wisdom as God had blessed Eves, she was able to help revolutionize Bitcoin Banks here on Jackobian and much of what we know today is due to her involvement including the 3rd Bitcoin Bank - Dan's Bank which has actually gone beyond Bitcoins to be dealing in other things too!
    So, that's how Bitcoin banks came to be!

    Let's see the Nature of Jackobian Bitcoin Banks!

    Yeah, we have been able to progress for one thing actually... We have passion for the community we serve and they equally have faith and trust in us!
    Jackobian bitcoin banks are established on one thing Trust!

    given to the banks by Jackobian Knights.
    It's simple actually. The admins and mods and KNights are trusted in the forums so, whoever they trust themselves can be trusted too!

    So, by getting the Bitcoin dealer's badge here on Jackobian, a normal member becomes trusted to handle people's money here Honestly and deliver accordingly as expected.
    Speaking of trust... We have established a lot with that here on Jackobian and we hope to do more on that!

    THE Jackobian Bitcoin Banks

    At the Moment, there are Just 3 of such. 3 banks tyou can trust as managed by people you can trust too!

    1. @TutuTious Bank!
    Contact = 0803 113 4545

    I respect the Bank much for different reasons. Owner and manager has been more than just a fellow Bank Manager here on Jackobian.. Efficient, Reliable, Trustworthy and a great Dealer! Yeah, she's both a fellow dealer and a sister to me!

    Check out her bank branches here:

    Buy: J-Secure! - Tutucious Bitcoin Bank - Buy Safe, Fast And At Best Price

    : J-Secure! - [tutucious Bank] Sell Your Bitcoin Here -> Instant Funding

    2. @Prezzy Bank - Central Bank of Bitcoins!
    Contact = 07037238225

    Aha, CBB is where it all started and i need not say much buddy. Ever heard of bankers who attend to customers with Love? Don't say yes because you have never seen such as we have here on Central Bank of Bitcoins!
    Managed by me and Trusted to cover all kinds of transactions. Trust me when i say all kinds of Transactions!
    With Hundreds of successful Transactions, you are welcome to leave happily and satisfied after banking with us!

    Locate our Branches on Jackobian here:

    Buy: Central Bank Of Bitcoin | Buy Btc In Nigeria At Best Rate! Here On Jackobian

    Sell: Central Bank Of Bitcoin | Sell Btc At Best Rates On The Internet

    3. @dondan84 - Dan's Bank
    Contact = 0803 973 1429

    Experience is the Key to keeping the balance right?

    Do one Need a matured and understanding manager to handle your transactions neatly? You definitely do!

    Dan's got it all, experience in Cryptocurrencies generally. He sells and buys not just BTC but so many others too including Perfect money and iTunes GiftCards!

    Need to Bank with Dan? Head over here:
    : J-Secure! - Dan's Bank! Buy Btc, Itunes Cards, Perfect Money & Payoneer At Cheap Rate

    Sell: J-Secure! - Dan Bank! Sell Btc, Itunes Cards, Perfect Money And Payoneer

    4. Zee'z Bank!

    Contact: 08066458772
    And yes, we got an additional bank here on Jackobian!
    Need a Caring and Understanding lady to Handle your sales? Zainab's got it!

    J-Secure! - Zee Bank-> Buy Bitcoins From Honest & Trusted Dealer Online
    Sell: Zee Bank-> Sell Bitcoins To Honest & Trusted Dealer On Jackobian
    How Jackobian Banks operate? How you Can Buy and Sell Bitcoins on Jackobian in 4 Simple steps!
    Simple. I will explain the process of Buying and selling Bitcoins in a few steps here.

    If you wanna sell your Bitcoins

    Send them over to the Bitcoin Address presented by the Banker
    Upload your proof which can be sreenshot, HashId from Blockchian or anywhere... Any means of proving you did the Transfer which can vary from banker to bank and other conditions
    Upload your Bank details
    Receive your Money!

    If you want to Buy Bitcoins on Jackobian Banks

    Send the Money to the account or any of the Bank accounts provided
    Upload your proof which can be teller or screenshot of bank payment
    Upload your Bitcoin address
    Receive your Bitcoins!

    That's four simple steps to buy and sell BTC on Jackobian and i can assure you that they are fail proof and you are secure.
    In case of any unclear transaction, for example, buyer's money was not received, it can be due to different reasons as we are used to with Nigerian banks and it will be resolved as fast as possible.
    Just Trust us with this!

    How we Compare with other Bitcoin Platforms?

    There are quite a lot of them out there but what we have here is nothing similar to what they have out there and there are several reasons why we will always come first.

    Trust is the WatchWord!

    We won't be in business but for trust!
    We do all our deals based on that. Trust us and we will deliver more than you expected! Our transactions are mostly public too so you can verify for yourself too!

    Uniform Price

    We all maintain the same price for selling and Buying except for seldom Minor differences depending ona number of factors chaired by the forces of Cost, Deman and supply!

    Best buying and selling price Relationship!

    yeah, we don't buy from Jackobians at 1 naira and sell at 1 million! We want to give the best to the community that loves us and trusts us so much amongst other reaosns so, our buying and selling price are literally kissing each other compared to what you have elsehwhere!

    A lot more!
    yap, there are many more reaons why Jackobian should be your choice for purchasing and selling Bitcoins as ultimately, we aim to provide the very best experience you can possibly get ALL ROUND!

    One Question for you Jackobian...

    From why you used to know, what you know and your experience with JACKOBIAN BITCOIN BANKS as well as what you have seen and experienced elsewhere,

    -> Which do you think does it better?

    -> Jackobian Banks or other Bitcoin Exchange services out there?

    I will very much love to hear from you here as well as other banks so we know just how to do what we do better for your sake, our sake and the sake of Jackobian @ large! So don't forget to say your mind. Thanks

    God Bless you as you bank with US!
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    Wow, who's the first commenter? Hope you've got something positive.. Am really hoping so!
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    Boss I will love to try it
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    Sure putting smiles on people faces is my

    Putting smiles on people faces is my goal juat like making everyone come to understand what life really is in business
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    thank you bro...your the man... u're really doing a marvellous work. keep it up, God will bless your hustle
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    I don't really know much about bitcoins but with this, I am interested and I choose Prezzy Bank. What will I really need to do to get involved?
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    Do ur bitcoin bank give loan.. Just asking ooo
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    I buy and Sell with Tutulicious via Whatsapp. Smooth Stuff.
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    This is super....keep up the good work!
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    then fund bitcoins from here,any bank u chose to..from the list prezzy pasted
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    i don't have any bitcoin to make payment so what do I do?
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    You can register, get a feel of the site. Then visit the central bank of bit coin ( contact prezzy) and buy any amount of bitcoin you want. Login to the site and make your deposit to start earning your 30% daily.
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