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Is Ahmed Aribito Hassan A Scammer? Blogger @

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by RichDrezzy, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. RichDrezzy

    RichDrezzy Active

    New scammer found: Ahmed Aribito Hassan

    Beware Of and - General Public Take Notice
    We at Life Solutions Blog wish to alert the general public to
    beware of and

    They claim to be article writers but their ways of doing
    business is very bad. We spent a lot to develop two blogs in
    this year 2016. Out of the two blogs, one which design and all
    its content worth over N100, 000 was abandon due to poor
    qualities of which we took in good faith.

    We started another blog of which over N100, 000 have already
    be spent without insulting anybody even though some of the
    people we paid for promotions and contents refuse to do their
    work after receiving payment

    Ahmed Aribito Hassan's Account details

    Ahmed Aribito Hassan
    was contracted by us through this
    forum to help write some articles and over N5000 was paid
    into his GTB Ahmed Hassan Aribito 0035150919 account

    We notice along the line that some of the articles they wrote for
    us publish online without our consent because we were
    owing him less than N4000. Now he has engage in posting
    negative things about us on this forum. We are not going to
    revenge because of God but people should just beware of him
    and his blogs.

    Our reasons are: he is not a patient person in the event you
    have issue of delay payment; and he will also publish same
    articles he wrote for you elsewhere after receiving payment
    Attached is his picture and his blogs are and
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  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    did you copy that or you he did that to you?
    because it doesn't seem like you are the victim
  3. Greatman

    Greatman Leader Mod