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ICO Iovo: The Decentralized Data Saving Ecosystem

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Nov 11, 2018.

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    Gooday Friends,

    Today, we are going to take a look at a crypto project called IOVO.


    {filename}-Iovo: The Decentralized Data Saving Ecosystem

    The fact is that the continuality of being or humanity is supported and founded on data creation.As an individuals we faces so many things every now and then and their is not a day that we seize to perform different activities or operations online or on a platform.As we do, we generate enormous amounts of data and those platforms really thrive on these data we created without our agreement or our consent in which they make a lot of benefits and we the owner's are not considered there by living our data exposed.That's the reason behind IOVO project.
    IOVO is a distinctive project that proposed to developed a decentralized global data base to reserve a numerous amount of rigorous information in order for individuals that save their information to have control over their data and also decide whom to shear their data with together with receiving some rewards for shearing their data with third parties.The project determination is to make data shearing simpler through the development of DApp which is highly appreciated and welcome by users.

    The project has acquired the operation of their token in the phase to strengthen the advancement and improvement of the stage. The stage has apprehend the utilization of DAG approach to assist with the security of data and finalizing the flexibility issue encountered by other data that is available or created out there.This is design to keep the data securely in a proper way in order not to irritate the framework for the operation to work perfectly.

    The IOVO platform is a platform designed for the purpose of creation and integration of DApps decentralized application founded on blockchain technology which will accept or collect our data and save it on IOVO database nor kept it on the IOVO system.

    {filename}-Iovo: The Decentralized Data Saving Ecosystem

    The benefit of the platform is that every individuals engaged in the operation of IOVO and it's partners will have an idea on where the information is stored, have the knowledge of information stored on it, knowledge on who and how it is used. Nevertheless, every user will have the ability to dispose their data as wanted and also have full control over it and have knowledge on how its accessed. Individuals will have the ability to hide their information from company they desired and release to companies they wishes to have access to it and those who give out their information to those companies will receive a reward for doing so.The reward will be given out in IOVO token for the price you desired.

    The platform will be of use to analysts and professionals who will cherish users information and willing to acquire some particular knowledge identified from law of personal data and nevertheless, all the information of users I'll be in intact and monitored in one place, recorded, organized and secured and full knowledge of any changes in the data since it's kept on IOVO logs which can't be duplicated by others.Companies will no longer waste their effort to carry out survey on people such as requesting for numerous authorities for purpose of data required for every thing will be easier in the case that it's already available on IOVO DAG graph and tables and users will benefit for given them out.


    {filename}-Iovo: The Decentralized Data Saving Ecosystem

    For more on IOVO, feel free to visit this links below....

    Website: - Internet Of Value Omniledger


    Telegram: Official chat

    Facebook: IOVO

    Twitter: IOVO (@iovoledger) | Twitter

    Medium: – Medium

    ANN: [ANN] IOVO ICO: Internet Of Value Omniledger DAG

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