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    Investing your last cash in ponzi or any scheme...

    First of all, I don't really like this method of Investing... Investing, knowing fully well that if this doesn't work out, you are done for now! [I'll tell you how I like investing below!] But is this not how it always starts with most of us?
    Yes it is so the best we can do is to encourage those that are in this stage at the moment.

    There are 2 ways of getting to this point which is square 1.

    You can get here by

    -> being a completely new person in the investment industry and you can get here by

    -> losing all your money except for the one you have presently so you are back to this stage.

    If you Belong to the later category, it's going to be even more difficult for you to take that last leap just like the fellow that just called me a few moments ago. This is because you have sustained a scar in the business and you don't wanna prick that scar.
    It's absolutely natural. Just like a football player coming back from injury, he's got to be a little lose for at least a while but he's got to play ball to earn and that's what he's going to do.
    In the same way, you need to get back in the game if you are in this second category for you to BE IN THE GAME.

    At such, don't feel like this post is not for you and just be in the right condition to take this message and make the most use of it.

    Now, what's the best way to invest your list money in any investment?
    First of all, you ain't gonna lose this money and you should bear that in mind. Then, you don't have to be casual or careless about where you invest now.
    The key is Research, a thorough one.
    You need to streamline some investments you have studied and pick out the very best among them all. Not just the best in terms of returns but the best in terms of Stability. Also, time frame is a very important part of it all this time around.

    I will suggest you prioritize these...

    - Stability
    Have they been operating for a while and how solid is their strategy?

    - Time frame
    The smaller, the better but not 190% in 1 day though.

    - Age of System
    How long have they been in this business?

    If you get positive answers to all those questions, it's time to make your decision.
    Don't dwell much here else you will never take that step forward. Try to base everything on logic while giving your emotions only a little part to play in the decision-making process else your emotions is going to take over and you'll pocket the money!


    You should know that you can still lose it. There's a possibility of that outcome and you should be prepared for it. You should be prepared to come back because by coming back each time you have sustained a Hit, that's how you get to last long in this business!

    Oh yes, hope I have been able to speak to some of us and share something that will be of help to you?

    I'll wrap it up with this.....

    A Great way to get Credible Information & do your Research.
    You can do it here with us. Here on! We aim to review and analyze as many of these opportunities as we can find as well as discuss them and share ideas and thoughts on them.

    We wanna provide a platform where people can come together with a singular purpose of succeeding in this business and then do just that!

    So, if you wanna Start researching, here's a great way to do so.
    Don't forget to use the Search Box above to find any scheme you are looking for.

    Once more, thanks for reading and I hope you got something that's truly helpful to you!

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  3. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    Hmmmn, thanks a bunch @Prezzy
    But there's something that now confuses me...
    What is the best answer one can get in order to know if to put his head there?
    Is it better if they've been in the business or is it better if they just came in?
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  4. Kenny

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    I Love This..2 things I Always Go For
    *age of system
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  5. Kenny

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    Sometimes Age Of System Is Also Good Because It Means That They Have Been Able To Sustain The System For A Long Period Of Time

    But Going For Scheme When They Just Begin Operation Is Also A Good Idea, Because You Know The Scheme Might Not Last Long But Before The scheme Crashes You Can earn Profits For Been Part Of The EarlyBirds

    Anyway I Basically Just Pray Before Investing Anywhere. No Ponzi Scheme Should Be Trusted
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  6. Prezzy

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    Thanks to you too.. First of all, I appreciate your coming in here buddy in just minutes.

    As for your first question about how long they have been in business.. this is largely based on the fact running a successful ponzi involves a lot of experience which is usually gotten by doing..
    The new guys haven't done this before so they don't know how to steer the engine but the old dudes have sailed the rough and smooth seas. So, should things go wrong along the way, you can trust the grandmaster to at least do an excellent job at bringing things back to normal EVEN IF THEY DON'T SUCCEED!

    Case study... MMM.
    Do you know that people still have hope of collecting back their money from that platform?? ? And many people will!

    Experience is what mmm has and even though they are quite for months, they can still spring up once the rain touches the ground.

    The new guys don't have that.... Loopers is not coming back nor is nor
    They don't understand this and can't spring back.

    So, keep your eyes on the bigger dudes with the experience WHO ARE READY TO WORK.
    Meanwhile, I am going to dust my office @ Mmm in preparation for moving back in. Those guys try no be small.
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  7. Prezzy

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    That's for you @Joooh

  8. Prezzy

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  10. Onimisi Yusuf

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    Twinkas still holding lots of my cash oooo, and praying i get it back because those accounts have def passed 25 days and no mergers yet. i pray they survive and pay me
  11. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    As for MMM...
    I think I'm going back to where I started. They've really proven themselves worthy
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  12. Chudoz200

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  13. Prezzy

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    Lols, I don't like the early birds method buddy. I see it as a killer and selfish too! It's Hit n Run!
  14. Prezzy

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    That's what am talking about
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  15. Prezzy

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    We don't want... "Just launched"

    We need tested and trusted
  16. mazizi

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    Thanks prezzy "tested and trusted"
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  19. Jaflash

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    Nice post, Atleast People can have these in mind when investing in any of the platforms. Good Guild lines for both Old and Young Investors
  20. Damony

    Damony Jackobian

    Dear Admin Prezzy and legitimate members of Jackobian, believe me, you guys are doing pretty good by your hard work towards the wellbeing of Jackobian.

    Please, as a new member, how can one Identify a genuine Ponzi scheme from a crowd of ponzi schemes on this platform.
    Secondly is there any recommended thread where "TESTED AND APPROVED" schemes can be found? Please, if no, I will really appreciate it, if legit ponzis are recommended to me for the investment of my last 10k.
    Thanks for reading as I anticipate your swift response.
  22. Ohla

    Ohla Jackobian

    Why cant you answer my own question? Why did you scam us of 10$ btc with Ur stupid ?????? No answer abi? stupid fucks....
    Big thiefs, u All better not invest in all dis dia fucking scams.... Bunch of thiefs
  23. Ohla

    Ohla Jackobian

    This people be thiefs, dey no get anything to offer u
  24. Ohla

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    This people be thiefs, dey no get anything to offer u
  25. justimagine

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  26. cingulate

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    Pls did anyone have news on cashcowrie?
  27. Tonero47

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    thanks man Prezzy u right thanks for tips. is tested and trusted... being paying for over a week plus now, thou I don't know when it was launched but it has paid me twice now I'm on my 3rd recycle. . join now and thank me later
  28. Michael nextman

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    Givers circle is the best platform ever I can now invest with peace of mind
  29. ricopenthouse

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    Wow, very helpful article. I would love to read it when I was an absolute beginner in investing. I made many mistakes in the beginning and lost a large amount of money. When I realized I was doing something wrong, I went through with one of my acquaintances, and he advised me of the stock market site. I am very grateful to him for this and took many useful things from there. I realized that the most profitable for me is investing in the purchase of shares. I am now consistently making very good money from my right investments.
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  30. karnaerck

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    You know, I used to think that investing your last money was not a good idea. But you’ve managed to convince me that it can be real. Thanks for your tips.
  31. s1ssasLs2

    s1ssasLs2 Rookie!!!

    Thanks prezzy "tested and trusted"