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Official Improved Policy For Screening The Best And Paying Ponzi Schemes On Jackobian

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by D-termined, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Chux-maloma

    Chux-maloma Jackobian

    Three site a month is better, if u say a site a day or a week it we will still face same issue, as to ppl will stop recycling after a day or a week to join d newest one on board.
  2. Glow

    Glow Jackobian

    its a nice one....... I see we are headed someplace with this new development...
  3. Glow

    Glow Jackobian

    my problem exactly. all Ponzi scheme require just commitment from all members/participants not greedy persons... if 1000 persons join a 2x1 matrix scheme and are all committed issues will be minimal as everyone invests with similar interests and any individual will comfortably invest in as many schemes as they can handle if only their interest is similar with that of the other members which is commitment.
  4. Glow

    Glow Jackobian

    To every problem where humans are involved I blame them individually for that very problem. there are various means that cyber beggars are being dealt with like the purge, delete and rematch system of most new schemes. I tell you the beggars aren't the problem the members individually are because even after beggars are purged nowadays and members are auto recycled after they've been paid most them will be like I cant risk my money, forgetting the profit isn't theirs. I urge us all to urge others too its not how many persons but how many committed members are in a scheme. greed is part of man but notwithstanding the few genuine site owners cant make it work without the right participants....
  5. Yasssss!!!

    Yasssss!!! ... Da Awesome!

    Seems admin are taking this kind of seriously now. Job well done. Keep the scammers off the board, it makes it more tolerable for decent and genuine folks.
  6. omospecial

    omospecial Jackobian

    I know it for sure that All Jackobians Admin are scammer. Only ur ponzi people must patronize? You guys doesn't welcome any genuine suggestions. I know yu already know what yu are up to so stop this nonsense question
  7. omospecial

    omospecial Jackobian

    All in all, what I can discan here is plan towards big scam. Does this development means that no one will lose money ? What ar yu guys driving at . ? All we are soliciting for is a single websites that will be more reliable and secure for all Nigerians and not 3/or 5 ponzi in a day.
  8. Saen

    Saen Jackobian

    Someone should please help me the Jackobian telegram group link. Please its Urgent. Thanks
  9. wunmite

    wunmite Well Known

    This is a good policy. I think 2 sites shoulod be released a day, cos most of us here as lost sooooooooooo much to this hit and run sites. Good work Admin.
  10. Ugari Ikechukwu

    Ugari Ikechukwu Jackobian

    I concur
  11. Ugari Ikechukwu

    Ugari Ikechukwu Jackobian

    Good development admin
  12. sultra

    sultra Rookie!!!

  13. hanson

    hanson Jackobian

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  14. zingo

    zingo Jackobian

    Nice idea if prezzy can implement it,if not for anything to save the image of this great site. Again if the admins of this site are really the ones behind Jacobians telegram group i'm afraid, cos the scam going on there has brought bad name for anything Jacobian
  15. zingo

    zingo Jackobian

    One site is okay every week,out of greedy everybody want to have a site to scam people, and that is the major problem of Ponzi in Nigeria. There target is Jacobian,they believe it is their dumping ground. I know prezzy have good intention for us,please step up don't allow scammer to spoil your good work
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  17. Micheal Rossy

    Micheal Rossy Jackobian

    That's a very good decision, at least it will minimize the loss we do get from all these hit and run sites...but them how will u know a site that will payoff well??? Because atimes site crashes fast because of the greedy admins and pple involve...
  18. Micheal Rossy

    Micheal Rossy Jackobian

    I have a site from a very good friend which will be dropping on Friday morning, I will relate to the admin and us all about it later cos it's still under is a site we will all benefit from because the owner of the isn't as greedy as many site owners...the features are very depends on the admins here if they will approve it, because the loss we have experienced from other sites will actually make us to ignore and over look a good sites when we come across one...
  19. nayarh

    nayarh Jackobian

    Admin I want to introduce a site
    Admin I want to introduce a site that is sta
  20. Maxispring

    Maxispring Upcoming

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  21. Don p

    Don p Rookie!!!

    There will be a new site to be lunched by 10pm tonite. Get ready as the time counts down...
  22. Lomani

    Lomani Jackobian

    They said 2-3.
  23. Lomani

    Lomani Jackobian

    They said 2-3 properly
  24. Don p

    Don p Rookie!!!

  25. Don p

    Don p Rookie!!!

    Just lunched..
  26. Ononuju Tobenna

    Ononuju Tobenna Jackobian

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  27. owejakoko

    owejakoko Rookie!!!

    Pls make the difference so we can make money no no thanks
  28. Breakdancer

    Breakdancer Jackobian

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  29. richiefocus

    richiefocus Jackobian

    How was the #500 paid
  30. blessing777

    blessing777 Jackobian