Crypto News Imagine A Music Album You Can Purchase With Bitcoin And Not Fiat? It's Here!

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    super interesting the way things are happening in the crypto sphere right now. so fast and so cool at the same time. Bjork has decided to bring something new to the music industry and this proves that Bitcoin is truly dominant and other coins created for art purposes like artbyte have more to do to get generally accepted and used too!

    {filename}-Imagine A Music Album You Can Purchase With Bitcoin And Not Fiat? It's Here!
    Known for embracing all things edgy, musician Bjork has announced that her latest album, Utopia, will be available for purchase only through cryptocurrencies. The artist will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, and AudioCoin. Interestingly, the album cannot be purchased using normal fiat currencies.

    The move by the musician may seem like a marketing strategy of sorts to appear unique and to draw attention during a time when Bitcoin’s rise has brought cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.
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