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I Need Advice

Discussion in 'Food & Health' started by Walles, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Walles

    Walles Upcoming

    I have a very personal question. Beer lovers, you didn't notice that you have increased boobs? My girlfriend thinks my breasts are bigger and she thinks that this is due to the fact that I drink beer sometimes. Have you noticed this in yourself?
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  3. Greattas

    Greattas Upcoming

    A large number of bottles of beer in any case negatively affects your health. Beer greatly affects the hormonal balance, so I think men can grow breasts, women begin to grow facial hair. If you have these problems, then you need to stop drinking beer and consult a doctor. There are no irreversible effects. Genecomastia is the name for this disease when boobs become bigger in men. Here you can read more about it. Now, there are many effective remedies that are used to treat gynecomastia. I would recommend you to listen to the advice of your girlfriend.
  4. Sonja-Erica Pompa

    Sonja-Erica Pompa Rookie!!!

    I had a boyfriend who also drinked a lot of beer. That's true!
    It's a good moment to think about your alcohol dependency. Alcohol is a poison, which can damage your health and brains.
  5. pynoli

    pynoli Rookie!!!

    I also agree with this. I do not drink alcohol for more than 3 years