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Just In Huge Eth Opportunity: Brand New Global Fomo3d Game Launching Within 24 Hours

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by BitBullet, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. BitBullet

    BitBullet Jackobian

    Huge ETH Opportunity: Brand New Global FOMO3D Game Launching Within 24 Hours

    {filename}-Huge Eth Opportunity: Brand New Global Fomo3d Game Launching Within 24 Hours

    Tired of all the small-time FOMO clones? Well get ready for something on a GLOBAL scale.
    Introducing WorldFOMO! The only FOMO game that has US, EU, CHINESE & ASIAN marketing teams!

    This game has fixed all the problems and bugs that have been found in other FOMO clones, and has fixed the % of ETH distributed as divs to anyone who plays. WorldFOMO will give:

    - More game divs for all players.
    - More referral divs for reflink buys.
    - Totally new and unique website & UI.
    - A professional new cryptogame team, uniting the whole world.

    Available in Mandarin & English (+ more languages to come).

    This game will break all previous records. A few badly made clones managed to reach over 1,000 ETH in the jackpot. This game was made carefully and is being marketed LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Expect 1,000's of ETH to be pumped in, so get in early and make your dreams come true.

    Launch will be Thursday morning mainland China ( ~ 19:00 EST Wednesday).
    To celebrate launch they will be launching a HYPE invite contest after the game is released. So make sure you are there to win even more money. ;)

    Join here: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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