How To Open Bitcoin Account With Paxful Online

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    Paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange place where paxful serve as middleman between the buyer and seller which support various gateway of buying and selling bitcoin.

    They have more than 300 ways you can buy and sell your bitcoin in which they are group to 4 category namely;

    1.Gift cards:you can buy and sell bitcoin with popular gift card we have like amazon,itunes,steam wallet and others

    2.Cash deposit transfer

    4.Debit/credit card

    Paxful wallet

    This is a wallet where you keep your bitcoin before you offer it for sell or where your bitcoin is tranfer to when buying for people.

    Buying bitcoin directly from other people makes it even simpler. Just sign up and buy right away. You pay sellers directly from your personal accounts.

    First time buying bitcoin? Have questions? Once you start a trade an experienced seller will guide you through the process in a one on one live chat. Start by finding an offer you like!

    If you are a buyer you are 100% protected. We verify and check all of our sellers for your safety. Pay with confidence, 2-factor, escrow, highest level encryption and professionally audited security

    Source: from official site
    How to open account
    1.go to sign up page here Buy bitcoin instantly | Paxful
    2.input your details create account,then you are done.

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    Good info bro
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    so many wallets.
    one can easily get confused.
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