Review How To Earn Money While Our Market Is Red!

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    CYMERA_20180629_062642.jpg-How To Earn Money While Our Market Is Red!

    The answer is quite simple - shorting BTC. Let’s talk about this.
    Advantages and disadvantages in working on exchanges which offer marginal trading.

    ➕ You can earn more than 100% profit everyday using leverage. So, for example you open position when BTC costs 6100$, using leverage x25. BTC price went to 6300$. Normally, it is 3% profit, but with leverage x25 they will mean 75% profit for you. Hope you understand how it works.

    ➕ Due to extremely high volatility, it is no needed to wait weeks and months to double your portfolio. Some of our members make their portfolio x2 in 10-15 days.

    ➕ You can earn money even when all the market is falling. Such exchanges like BitMEX offers you to open SHORT position. It means that you are able to play on the slide. This is how I earn money right now.

    ➖ It is very risky. Here works another rule. In altcoin trading your coin can dump for 100% and you still have hopes that it will grow. But in marginal trading if you catch 100% loss - your position will be liquidated. Example: you open LONG position at 6100$ with leverage x10 and price fall to 5570$. This is 100% loss with such leverage. At this point you will lose all your money, that you investes in position.


    1. Always put stop-losses. Our market is very manipulative, it is very common situation when whales are making huge green candles to liquidate positions with high leverage.

    2. Don't follow the crowd. The goal of marketmakers is to steal your money. If you see, that 60% of people open, for example, LONG position - don't open it. Market always plays against traders.
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    Hi View,

    As a rule auto-surfing requires an investment to earn money, but it is possible to earn by being a free member for a short while. If you have a paying website to advertise you could add it to the rotation and hope for a sign-up to your link if it is allowed for free members.