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How To Create A Login And Registration System Using Php

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by electrode, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. electrode

    electrode Well Known Mod

    Hello and welcome to @electrode web design tutorials hosted on
    This is my second php post here,(i have not been encouraged by your responses to do more am so sorry).
    1. In this tutorial it is believed that you are already conversant with the basic usage of a computer system.
    2. In this tutorial it is believed that you already know the basics of Html (preferably css too)
    3. A simple basic tutorial about installing php i will state here but link to an external better tutorial i will give.
    4. Please try your best to make these lessons interactive this will encourage and inspire me and other developers that will be joining this train.
    1. XAMPP software (WAMP is good too)
    2. Your best IDE(NOtepad++)
    3. Your Favorite Browser (chrome,Firefox)
    Have YOU installed PHP?
    Before you can run php on your computer you need to install apache,php on your computer and if you want to deal with storing and retrieving data you will need to install sql too,YOu see installing these modules one by one is very tasky thing.
    thats why someone or some group of people have combined everything together into a single package one is XAMPP and WAMP,In this tutorial i will be using WAMP.

    START YOUR SERVERS: After installing WAMP successfully you need to start your severs(services) so as to make you php codes work in your browser.
    1. Search for WAMP icon on your desktop
    2. It may prompt you to allow Admin access Press Allow or yes or oui :D
    3. it wont provide you any GUI thats cool just goto your task bar your WAMP icon is waiting for you there.
    4. click on it and click on start all services
    5. click on localhost
    6. if it opens your browser and displays a WAMP page yaaaaay! IT WORKED!!!.

    Am going to use an example to explain this ,imagine you want to create a blog ,you have successfuly created a nice template and all, then you start to wonder how will i make posts everyday without the need to write new html pages ,code code code code haaaaaa, This is why i think PHP was introduced with php,with PHP you can put life into your static (dead) html pages by making them work themselves ,you can add posts,delete ,edit ,ban user,add user ,block comments and so on all by using php, php has alot of stuffs that i can only explain the 10 or more years projects with just a blog. (oops the lines are getting too long lets get don to business)

    CREATE A DATABASE FIRST: The reason why i love to create my databases first is becasue it tells you what you will do next n your php codes.
    To create a database:
    1. Open your browser
    2. navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
    3. click on databases and input you database name into the text box (am going to use school)
    4. After you have successfully created your database click on it at the left bar menu
    5. click on sql
    6. input this into the large text box
    7. db code
    8. Thats all you now have your tables and database set.

    You need to create five files in c:/wamp/www/[site here]
    1. connect.php
    2. index.php
    3. mainpage.php
    4. reg.php

    connect.php: This is where you put all your database connection.
    index.php:This is the page where Your users will login

    Register.php:Thiis is where your users will signup.
    mainpage.php: this is the page users will see when they login successfully
    welcome a user here

    In case you have any problems with this indicate below ill reply within few minutes or more.
    :D i could not post all the codes here due to site issues. so bear with me for this

    in case you find any problem with the codes too please indicate.

    and you can request for the ready made project files in a zipped folder by indicating too.
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  3. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    Nice tutorial... Keep up the good work going..
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  4. bibest

    bibest Active

    Gudt one
  5. Greatman

    Greatman Leader Mod

    Nice one really useful
  6. Barto

    Barto Well Known Mod

    Great work Bro.
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  7. Amaaronke

    Amaaronke Jackobian

    good one but I don't still understand, pls can u explain better
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  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    he is just trying to get you started bro.
    he hasn't started the main tutorials yet
  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    however, i will cook up a simple programming tutorial in PHP for creating login pages.
    i won't be witing any codes but i will only give you the mechanism. you can write the codes by yourself!
  10. Alashelee

    Alashelee Forum Poet

    Nice one
  11. princetee

    princetee Rookie!!!

    ok tankx


    Thanks for the enlightment
  13. Amaaronke

    Amaaronke Jackobian

    k@Prezzy, m a lady not a bro
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  14. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Lols, I learnt that a few weeks ago sis


    a lady coder i love that and i am chalenged. {linda ikeji of jackobian}.
  16. Amaaronke

    Amaaronke Jackobian

  17. Amaaronke

    Amaaronke Jackobian



    you welcome miss
  19. electrode

    electrode Well Known Mod

    whao its so nice to bring this topic up once again
  20. electrode

    electrode Well Known Mod

    This thread is still alive!
  21. chuby

    chuby Active

    is the software still at market?