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" He Can Last Up To 7 Hours" - Woman Drags Husband To Court Over Insatiable Appetite For Sex

Discussion in 'News Around d World' started by charlhxe, May 24, 2018.

  1. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    A woman has complained that she can no longer tolerate her husband’s insatiable appetite for sex. According to reports, the woman says love making sessions with her husband, who is fond of using traditional sexual-enhancing drugs, normally last for seven hours.


    Adding that she does not enjoy making love because apart from being left bruised, her husband demands for sex every day and will not allow her to rest.

    The Chawama Magistrate court in Zambia heard testimony during divorce proceedings.

    “When we start making love at 23:00 hours, he will only break off at around 03:00hours to drink water then resume until 07:00 in the morning when he has to start preparing for work. Sometimes, he won’t stop even when our children have woken up since we sleep in the same room,” she said.

    Source: 'He Lasts Up To 7 Hours'; Woman Drags Husband To Court Over His Appetite For Sex. | National Helm
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