Tech News Google Deletes Android Backup Data If You Don’t Use Device For Two Months

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    Google Now deletes the Android backup data for users if they don’t use an Android device for duration of just two months and doesn’t even provide any proactive notification to the users regarding the same.

    As per a Reddit user named Tanglebrook, the search giant removed the user’s Android backup data after the device was not used for two months and the company reportedly didn’t proactively inform the user before doing the same.

    On contacting the Drive Support, Tanglebrook discovered that there is no option for recovery despite the fact that user was paying for the company’s service.

    While the backup functionality has been available for Android users for quite some time, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow the search giant improved the service and users can even have their backups stored in Google Drive folders. However, as can be seen from the above incident, users will lose the data if they don’t use an Android device for little over two months.

    Notably, the company starts showing the warning about the expiration date of the account backup if users don’t use their device for two weeks itself, as can be seen from the company’s support page. Next time you are temporarily switching devices and platforms, do remember to use the account with an Android device again before its expiration data to avoid losing apps and backup data.
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