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Globitex: Next-gen Institutional Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Globitex: Next-gen Institutional Cryptocurrency Marketplace
    Globitex is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange which allows individuals and institutional investors to trade Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) for fiat currency while also enabling them to integrate with advanced API (FIX and RESTful) functionality for algorithmic trading and payments.

    Here at Globitex, our mission is to open up more trading opportunities to both individuals and institutional investors while we offer a transparent, secure and reliable trading experience for our clients. We aim to drive global adoption of cryptocurrencies, by offering new trading instruments that will facilitate maturing of cryptocurrency markets as well as provide a platform for traders and businesses to seamlessly move between the fiat and crypto world.

    Our vision is to be at the center of a new financial future. A future where exchanges offer not only crypto/fiat trading but also a cryptocurrency-commodity exchange platform for institutional participants where other clearing members can join with ease. Our goal is to be in the top five crypto to fiat exchanges by trading volume.

    The GBX token will serve the primary purpose of a means of settlement of trades on the Globitex exchange, serving as a Trading fee payment token, as well as used within loyalty programs in the nearest future. All registered clients of the Globitex exchange will be able to redeem GBX tokens as payment for Trading fees. The GBX tokens will be priced at minimum EUR 0.10 when used for Trading fees on Globitex exchange plus a discount of 20% on the standard Trading fee of 0.2%. For example, at a price of GBX 1 = EUR 0.10, the client opting to use GBX as payment for trades will be able to enjoy the following bonus: GBX 1 = EUR 0.10 + 20%. Over time, depending on overall Company’s success, the bonus will potentially increase in order to stimulate widespread utilization of GBX tokens for trade settlement. All GBX tokens used for Trading fees on the exchange will be burned. Read more here Trading Fees - Globitex
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    website: Global Bitcoin Exchange - Globitex
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