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Globitex Launches Euro Wallet – One Step Closer To Bridging Cryptocurrency And Banking!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Globitex Launches Euro Wallet – One Step Closer to Bridging Cryptocurrency and Banking!
    upload_2019-4-23_23-30-38.png-Globitex Launches Euro Wallet – One Step Closer To Bridging Cryptocurrency And Banking!
    The EURO Wallet allows users to make and receive EUR payments on a personal IBAN account like any other EUR bank account. The EURO Wallet can be accessed via cryptocurrency exchange platform. This gives the user seamless transactions and EUR under their full control in mere seconds, after withdrawing from their Globitex trading account, which is unrivalled functionality on the market! The service is powered by Nexpay UAB, an EU licensed financial institution.

    The main features of EURO Wallet:
    • Personal IBAN account
    • SEPA transfers
    • Instant EUR deposits/withdrawals on Globitex trading account
    • Third party payments
    • Intuitive and familiar interface
    • Funds kept at a central bank within the Eurozone
    • Friendly and responsive customer support

    About Globitex
    The Globitex team has created a professional crypto marketplace to fill the need for institutional grade exchange platform with advanced IT solutions, suitable for both individual and institutional crypto market participants. Their purpose is to advance the crypto industry globally, increase crypto trading liquidity and allow professional traders to participate via API (FIX & RESTful) interface for trading and payments.


    Euro Wallet

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