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Testing Gethelpworldwide Is Back!latest Portal

Discussion in 'Ponzi' started by perry ugbo, Mar 20, 2017.

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    How to set up and migrate to GHW XCLUSIVE.
    - create new account with new email id,password ,and a new referer email and input your old account details in your old account.
    Use as your referer email.
    -click on the email link sent to you and confirm.
    -loging to your with your new loging details
    -click on top left drop down menu
    - select migration
    -select link account
    -u will be required to input your old account details and password. Then a code will be sent to your email.
    - copy the code n paste to proceed. Once u get the "scanned computed" notification, u are done.
    - click the top left drop down menu & select - My account - change/reset pin. Follow instructions to change pin.
    - click on my account again to change/register your bank/bitcoin details. Use of old account details is allowed.
    - You can check your outstanding gh from your recieved help.
    For more information you can join our ;
    or contact 07031886501
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