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Genesis Mining Vs Hashing24 - Which Is More Profitable?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, May 15, 2019.

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    Hello Nigerians, today I bring information on Genesis-mining and bitcoin mining operations! I want us to compare the both and find out which one is more Profitable!
    For the past few weeks, Bitcoin has been climbing steadily and this has made the mining operation to become more and more profitable! Am sure a lot of Nigerians out there like myself, are looking to key into this business so, I have decided to share this with us as a guide for those who might not know how to calculate profitability in mining.

    Hashing24 Bitcoin mining Operation

    Presently, isn't selling any hashrate but you can be able to purchase contracts through their auction marketplace for hashrates.
    From what I see on that page which is highly unreliable as prices in the auction market is usually affected by a number of factors
    • Bitcoin price hence profitability of mining
    • The choice of miners who want to trade their hashrates.
    Damn! That's costly for just 1TH but there are other important factors we will have to look at as well.

    Hashing24 Maintenance fees (2019)
    The maintenance fees attached to this contract is $0.17 for every 1TH/s which is higher than that of Genesis mining although it's actually an improvement from their previous $0.33 per TH.

    Duration of Hashing24 mining contracts
    These contracts are lengthy ones actually. offers you lifetime contracts. While that may be cool, let's not quickly forget about what happened to our lifetime contracts with Genesis-mining!

    Genesis-mining Bitcoin mining operations overview for 2019

    Genesis-mining has always been top of the game in the industry and am not surprised at the level of innovation that the company is dishing out to their customers now.
    They presently have an option to mine without having to pay for any maintenance fees and I think that's awesome! However we are going to find out if it's truly awesome and profitable in this thread!

    Genesis mining gives you Bitcoin Radiant Classic
    • 2.5TH/S for $65.99
    • 1 year contract
    • With maintenance fees of $0.099 for every TH/S
    Mining without Fees!

    You can also chose the Bitcoin Radiant Zero package. It comes with the following features
    • $94.99 for every 1.5 TH/s
    • 1 Year Bitcoin Mining Radiant Zero Contract
    • Zero Maintenance Fee
    Obviously, you realize that you get to spend much less to purchase contracts on Genesis-mining than you do if you want to get it from hashing24 hence your capital will be able to come back quicker.

    The Usefulness & Uselessness of the Zero radiant plan

    The zero radiant is pretty cool in that you get to keep all the money you make right? But at some point, it's effect starts diminishing.
    For example, assuming Bitcoin price starts going up which is what we are actually expecting now, the value of btc that will be removed in terms of fees will keep getting smaller and smaller. If bitcoin doubles, you will then be paying half of what you are paying originally.

    At this point, you will agree with Me that you may not really mind paying the fees after all because it will only take a fraction of your earnings.

    When Zero radiant becomes a gem

    However, there's also a time when the maintenance fees become a total nuisance. Remember, we lost our mining contracts because the earnings were not enough to cover for the maintenance fees any longer. That situation is likely to occur in a bearish market movement.
    At such point, you can mine and still earn money when others have shut down their machines. You will always be able to take home some mining profits!
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