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Fundamental Information On Ssl Certificate For Web Admins And Users

Discussion in 'Blogging | Nigerian Webmasters' started by Prezzy, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Hello friends,tonight I want to discuss something important. It's important to a webmaster because it has to do with SSL. And it's even more important to users of the website because it's created because of them in the first instance!
    I hope to go through the basics of SSL and by the time you are done going through this thread, you should understand what SSL means and also how it works on a fundamental level.

    As you should know, that's the https you see in the address bar when you visit some websites!

    Well, I did some research about SSL myself and learnt some interesting things which I'll like to convey to you such as...

    SSL is simply a certificate issued to a website which relays to the visitors that the website have been confirmed by a certified company to conduct legal activities!
    This means that the website can be trusted as the legality of the business they conduct there has been confirmed!
    You may ask, how do they confirm it?

    Its not difficult. The company in charge of issuing the certificate will have to contact the website either through call or other means and require some items such as proof of ownership and other company documents as the case may be. After this, the company or website is confirmed and the certificate issued.
    The webmasters in charge of the website will now have to set up the SSL files and certificates in their servers and it's up and running!
    It's that simple.

    Now, you may also be wondering. How does the Browser know that the SSL is for real and not just forged because if it just requires some files, then anyone can sign or manipulate such files!

    The answer is simple. They have to establish a connection to the issuer of the certificate and confirm it's validity via measures way above the standards am trying to maintain here.
    Also, the browser can have a list of SSL certificate issuers downloaded and stored. It can always look up here to check if the certificate issued by a website is for real or forged.

    Errors in SSL
    There can be so many errors with SSL. The tech has been around for some time but needs some fixing to work perfectly.
    The main problem with SSL has to to with the set up. If done wrongly, it can wreck problem every single moment and this can lead to distrust of the website and even more complicated problems such as lead to a drop in SERPSERP, speaking in Seo terms! .

    Legal vs free SSL Certificates
    Just like in most cases, there are equally paid and free versions of SSL. Though as you'll expect, the paid version is superior to the free ones in one or many ways.
    Also, issuers of paid certificate try to prove that the free ones are fake and most of us buy this just because it sounds right!
    My advice on free SSL certificate is to do extensive research and find out from people in forums and friends about the working of any free SSL certificate you wanna use. Like the one provided by Cloudfare.

    Fixing SSL certificate on your Severs

    You can fix the certificate you have obtained it from an issuer.
    Webmin is one of the most commonly using Web Hosting control panels. This is an open source control panel which works on port 10000. Here CryBit going to explain how/steps to install SSL certificate on a Webmin server.

    To add SSL certificate on a domain in your server which has Webmin installed, you must have a valid SSL certificate. Upload the SSL certificate to your server, under the domain name.
    There are different methods to follow for different types of Cpanels. in this post, I'll be sharing the steps to fix SSL for only one type of Cpanel now and later, I'll extend it!
    Do you want to Install SSL certificate on Webmin Cpanel?
    Follow the below pasted steps for installing SSL certificate on Webmin:

    1. Upload your SSL certificate file to your server – we recommend that this isn’t in your web root but under the domain name so you know where it is. It's in the folder preceeding public_html
    2. Log into your Webmin control panel.
    3. Select the virtual host that you want to secure.
    4. Click on SSL options.
    5. Click “Yes” on Enable SSL.
    6. Select Certificate/Private key and browse to the location of the SSL certificate.
    7. Select Private key file and browse to the location of the ssl private key file.
    8. Save changes and return to the server index.
    9. Restart necessary services.

    You may need to restart Apache after installing the certificate on your servers.

    To restart Apache,

    From the Apache Webserver page click on “Stop Apache” top right and then “Start Apache” when displayed.

    And with that, we come to the end of this post! Hope you have been able to understand the concept of SSL and also how one can fix it in a server like Webmin?

    You can ask your questions about SSL certificates and i Will do my best to explain here!
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