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    When I came of the right age I have kept myself busy with a job, always working, never stopping. I have kept myself busy with all sorts of different work but never made a decent salary. As I grew older so did my responsibilities just like everyone else’s. Essentially, I tried keeping myself busy with extra work for extra salary through most of my life. I did it all, from hard and humble, to clerical and hysterical, I literally worked everywhere.

    Each job I had, came with its own unique array of benefits. Most companies try and offer their workforce something they cannot get at a difference place. Some do so to try and trick you into staying with them, although most give you this benefit since they genuinely value you as a person, and want to show how much the appreciate you.

    There are many such benefits. Found frequently in retail work , employees tend to get staff discount on anything they wish to purchase within the store. Working for my family, there was less employee to employer stress involved, although I would advise against this.

    Should you mess up, or leave due to circumstances, it can very easily turn sour even the greatest family relations. Finally I must say that most of the side works I have gone through has never been as exciting or fulfilling, nor ever so convenient, as doing freelance writing.

    Many people has written articles on how to make extra income on their websites, and some people write very good articles that give wonderful guides on how to get yourself there.

    Now you don’t need to be a master at it like most people can be, just be sure that you would enjoy it as that is what counts! Furthermore, you should remember, that nobody has ever gotten something done by sitting on your hands. You are already interested in doing it, so grab the bull by the horns and start.

    An interesting and fun venture is to start your own blog which gives you complete entitlement to how you want to set your articles up. It also allows you to express your own creativity and character within your blog, setting up a theme and choose a color scheme.

    An additional benefit to having your own blog is that is also a very sure way to advertise yourself. A blog can generate you lots of followers which could probably lead you into the right direction.

    It will also help you to meet the right people. This will serve as a platform to further expand your client base, also allowing you to meet interesting people along the way.

    Freelance writing is the most rewarding work.
    I can definitely top this job above all the others I had. I work when I choose to, and for how long, where and, again the most comforting thing is,when. This is convenient as it isn’t an interfering work; you get to have your life and even full time work, you get to be in the company of your home, your animals, family or partner.

    Feeling like a blue Monday is getting you down. Instead of dealing with everyone else, you can sit quietly behind your computer sipping your best brew of coffee.

    I get to be my own boss by deciding how often I want to work and how much, obviously this is based on a flexible income, but you get the power to generate your desired income.

    Freelance writing is an adjustable job that you can change the flow of work if you are, or are not, capable to handle the work load. Most part time jobs don’t offer this flexible income, nor does it offer the convenience of allowing you to choose to work when you please.

    Focussing on blog writing is where I mostly make my income. Each blog offers a different category of topics, making each blog a unique blog. Some blogs have different focuses that you wouldn’t particularly write about, but it can also be rather encouraging to write about as many different things as possible.

    This will end up broadening your work horizon and at the same time, have the benefit of expanding your general knowledge.

    Some blogs offer topics you wouldn’t necessarily post on your own blog, but by giving you an opportunity to write on theirs, it serves both to allow you to advertise yourself and at the same time broaden your knowledge.

    You get to make other people happy
    It can be very rewarding letting other blog owners vision come through with your writing. The added benefit is that your writing also procures more variety of writers on their blog and that allows more followers. Being a people’s please-r is very enriching as it can make you feel important as well.

    It is even more rewarding when readers enjoy your articles and become a fan of your work. Making your readers happy and keeping them happy are two important things you should remember Happy readers will share your content with others, which can lead into a giant snowball.

    Maybe, if you are lucky and good enough at the same time, your content will go viral bringing thousand of visitors, coming only to have a look at your content.

    Writing about what you enjoy will also make you happy. There are few things as fulfilling seeing content you created with love, getting the following it deserves. A rare skill in DIY perhaps, teaching and inspiring at the same time, or anything your heart desires.

    Remember that different subjects will attract different readers, some topics will probably be directed to a minor audience while others go viral easily. In the end, that is the great thing about freelancing, you are in control of such factors.

    Remember your value.
    Setting your rates is always a tedious job but very important, as you don’t want to sell yourself short and then in the end you don’t make the income you were meant to receive. Rather be straight forward and honest, because your time isn’t for charity either as that’s just how life works.

    Setting up your rates you should use basic principles, what is the value of your work, is what you are providing quality work and worthy of such, it is a basic standard that you must set your rates on.

    You must also explain the steps you had to take in order to write the article, did it take a lot of research, was it overly time consuming with the research that you have added, is it factual. You should also be reasonable with your rates as you don’t want to add unnecessary rates up will leave you not getting the part.

    Is it worth it?
    There may be a lot of other ways to make extra money but staff writing could be one of the most fulfilling jobs there are. Think about it, you get to see happy people mostly everyday.

    You get to choose on what, where and how long you work. You even get to choose with whom you would like to work with, provided you have built up a reliable client base. That, and many more is part of the many benefits there could be when working as a freelancer.

    What should I look out for when I start?
    Writing for content mills is a great source of reliable income but it can easily set you in a comfort zone where you are too scared to spent time to find work. As content mills pay very little, but have frequent work, their modus operandi serve to lock you down with golden cuffs. This is a term used to describe being paid just enough to not want to risk leaving.

    Finding people willing to buy your work may seem like a daunting task at first but be on the looking for people that offer once of request.

    There are many forums and job boards with these types of requests filled daily. Watch out though, as some of these sites are filled with people from countries where $1 is actually worth a lot. They may not be offering the same quality than you do, but they will definitely try and race you to the bottom to secure themselves a job. Can we blame them? Probably not, as who would not want a liveable daily salary.

    The only difference between you and them is that their idea of a liveable salary are just much lower than yours. Don’t feed these races, it will only make you negative. Rather focus your energy on becoming a better writer, keeping a close eye for people that are willing to pay for quality writing.
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