Airdrop For All Those New To Crypto Or New To Airdrop, Here Is What It Means And How You Can Be Involved

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    *For all those new to crypto or new to Airdrop, here is what it means and how you can be involved*

    What is AIRDROPS?

    Airdrops means the initial stage of a Crypto project. A developer develops a project and because the project wouldn't have value in a single wallet, he decides to call people to come and benefit from it. The more wallets the project is occupying, the more value the project has. Some airdrops are waves platform based while some are ERC20 based token. You need to be very careful and read information on every form before you fill.

    In some cases, you might be told to tweet, retweet, share facebook posts. You should tweet/share and copy the links. You also need a email address,

    To get a waves Wallet, go to
    Click on Create Wallet
    Input the necessary details
    Copy your seed (same as private keys)
    Save them in a draft and don't loose them.

    Some Airdrops are web based i.e you can't transfer them into ETH Wallet or Waves Wallet. In this case, make sure you keep the login details to those websites in a draft. As much as you need to be fast when filling forms to take the top spot, you also need to be careful. When you give your PRIVATE KEYS to a stranger, you already handed over your Wallet to him and so he can easily steal all your coins. That is why you should store your private keys in a place not easily accessible to you.

    All you need to fill Airdrops form
    1. Bitcointalk Account
    2. Twitter Account (20 followers or more)
    3. Facebook Account (20 friends or more)
    Telegram (with username)
    4. Email address
    5. Mew (Myetherwallet) Address / Waves Address
    6. In some cases, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Stemmit, Slack, Discord etc.
    Go and read more on your own on the item number 6.

    When a form asks for Txn ID or Txn Hash ID. It's asking you to pay. Don't pay for any AIRDROPS. Just put 0 or Free or Free Airdrops or Airdrops in the column

    In some cases, there are no forms to fill. You are to submit your details to a bot (robot). Just make sure you are interacting with the projects bot. Submit your details carefully. Read all information well before sending details to the bot

    Note:- For every Wallet Address, the process of creation is almost the same. The most important is to keep your private keys and password in your archive and make sure not to share them with anyone.

    Make sure to have your twitter account link, facebook account link, bitcointalk account link, telegram username within reach so as to ease the process of filling forms. And don't expose this details to strangers as they might start using your details for filling forms and at the end of the day, you who created the accounts might get disqualified

    Spreadsheet is the collation of all eligible participants for Airdrops. When 2000 people applied for a project by filling forms, the developers check the forms for duplicate entries (cheating), incomplete entries and brings out the final list. In some cases, when you check the spreadsheet and your details is not there, you should speak politely with the dev and beg him if need be. We call it Lobbying so as to get a part of the Airdrops. When you see a form without Twitter handle, Telegram group/Channel or any Social media presence, it is from SCAMMERS, run away from it.

    Note:- Never underestimate a project. Be smart when filling forms and be extra careful not to give out sensitive information like your private keys. Don't be a dumper i.e try to discipline yourself to HODL unto your tokens at least for two months before you sell.

    Snapshot is a process by which a developer takes record of all the wallets holding his Airdrops and reward them for their Support. Holding your tokens is important because it's a way of supporting the Project. The more people hold their tokens, the more value the token has and the more people sell, the more depreciation in value the token suffers

    Thanks for reading.
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    How do one take part in Airdrop pls.
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