Few Common Sense Principles For The Singles

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    (1). *NEVER MURMUR YOUR SINGLENESS* __ singleness is not a sin, not a curse and is not a disease. There are a lot people that has allowed themselves to be put under pleasure, there are a lot of people that has allowed themselves to get involved in relationships that are below the plan and purpose of God for their lives just because they feel like they need to come out from the stage of singleness. There are a lot of people regretting their marriages just because they are curious of getting out from the stage of singleness. You can be single and successful, you can be single and enjoy life, you can be single and prosperous. Marriage is not your destiny, God created man, *GEN. 1:26-28* says let us make man in our own image and let them go and marry? No!!!! So you are not created for marriage. *marriage was for you, you will not be sent out from heaven because of marriage Buh marriage can take you to hell if you marry a wrong person.* statistics and even psychology has been able to proof that marrying the wrong person can reduce the quality of your life 62% *so it is better to be single hoping to be married than to be married praying to be single again* .
    There are a lot of people today they are not enjoying their marriage they are enduring their marriage .Husband and wife that are intimate strangers they are roommates Buh they are not soulmate so therefore eyin temi don't murmur on your singleness. There is one thing that ~I, DADA AYORINDE~ come to understand in this life that "there are new and old moderns .Guess what!!! When your time come is going to be a new modern, your cake,suit and wedding gown and rings will be in new modern designs. You can't compare wedding gown used in 1996 when I was born to today wedding gown, Ma,sir The different is clear oooo.........

    (2). *NEVER TAKE YOUR HEART ON A JOURNEY WITHOUT YOUR BRAIN*___ there is a saying "shine your eyes" Buh don't just shine your eyes because not all that is glitter is a gold so shine your eyes, your brain and shine your heart . *There are many things that is good in face Buh be a toxic virus to your destiny* so never allow your emotion to overrule your sense of reasoning, never allow yourself to get to a point in your life, _your emotion is the driver of your life and your brain is the passenger the vehicle of destiny, accident is inevitable_

    (3). *EVERY RELATIONSHIP MUST BE DEFILED* ____ an undefiled relationship is a dangerous relationship because when you don't defile a relationship you give room for absorptions. *An absorptions is a lowest level of knowledge* so relationship must be defiled. You will see a lot of people damaging their lives and future all because of Love. Yeah I understand what am saying oooo........ There are many cases that I *AYORINDE* witnessed in my vicinity in EKITI STATE to be precise.
    *Love is not blind, if love is blind marriage will open your eyes, you are only blind until you are marry, the day you married Reality.come*

    (4). *NEVER WAVE AWAY WARNING SIGNALS* ___ God has traffic light on your spirit that will tell you YES OR NO or Hold on, there is something within you called the spirit of God it's called *Divine umpire* of your soul to let you know the circumstances Roundling your life. You saw a Man you are saying is very Charming, the different between *Charming and Harming* is letter *C* . *A man that is charming today can begin to Harm you tomorrow* so my sister never wave away warning signals.

    (5). *NEVER LOOK DOWN ON ANYBODY* ___ Like I do says Nobody knows tomorrow, and igba maa nlo bi orere ni oooo...according to Late Dr.Olando .People are respected by virtue of what they desire what they desire, what they wear and where they leave Buh you are not your house, you are not what your house, what you wear Buh right now people respect people by virtue of packaging, Buh you got to understand is not about the content, the container maybe powerful Buh the content may be a virus. My brethren never look than on anybody, *A Man may not have car today Buh they have not stop manufacturing cars, A man may not have a House Today Buh they have not stop manufacturing building materials* You got to understand that my present states is not my final bus stop, God is not through with me yet ,don't you know it doesn't take God 24hours to change a man's story? So never look down on anybody because the hands of God is upon my life Emi *Dada Ayorinde Oluwaseun* Yeah..... I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me Phil. 4:13

    (6). *DON'T SACRIFICE YOUR FUTURE ON THE ALTER OF TEMPORARY PLEASURE* ____ shey you no forget the story of ESAU in the Bible? He sold his birthright because of porridge.
    Sex is sweet ,sin is sweet Buh sex is deadly and sin is also deadly. The Bible says about Moses, he chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a moment. Sin is pleasurable Buh the pleasure is for a moment and the displeasure is eternity so don't sacrifice your future on the alter of temporary pleasures. *The most beautiful in NIGERIA 1960 is an old woman today nobody reigns forever*, so therefore my brethren don't destroy your future because today's level of undiscipline ,immoralities is everything, is in the Alter, is in the pew, is in everywhere. *Don't use someone's rank or position in God's vineyard to judge his holiness and righteousness, no body is over temptation*.Even Bible says *trust no man*. It's says igbekele eniyan, asan ni oooo, so why you still sitting down there putting your trust am someone? . Everything has turned upside down, evil things are happening these days, Even I, don't trust me because am human being, human beings can fuck up at any time, so I don't trust myself. It is difficult to see men and women living in purity today, How many youths today are virgins? How many people are living for God in purity? How many people are there that the devil will come and not be able to rule over them? .Virginity once lost can never be regain anymore, not by prayer, not by fasting,once is gone is gone forever don't sacrifice your future on the alter of temporary pleasures. There are many people full with brighter glory and future Buh immediately they enter tertiary institution,the virus of school will terminate their destiny. What a pity!!!!
    *SIN WILL COST YOU MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY, KEEP YOU MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO STAY, TAKE YOU FASTER THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO GO* sin is a virus. *You will never know the step you take that will ruining the journey of your life*.
    My brethren kindly use your common sense to do things in accordance so as to yield positive output for you. *THANKS*
    God bless.........

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    I like that
  6. These rules work well if you are an ordinary guy with ordinary interests in a relationship. But what about those who are bi person? I don't see any other solution than looking for relationships among the same people using a dating site like tenderbang. I already have a little experience of communication there and can confirm that such a solution works great.
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    I recently caught a buzz from my loneliness, although I couldn't stand it before. It was the best feeling in the world. It's called self-sufficiency.
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    I like that