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Crypto News Exblock Launching A Digital Asset Exchange

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Djlakhany, May 17, 2019.

  1. Djlakhany

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    {filename}-Exblock  Launching A Digital Asset Exchange

    Ours is an increasingly digitised day and age; and every day, it seems as if more and more basic facets of our daily lives are conducted online, many of us find ourselves driven to digitise our lives as much as possible.

    And perhaps that’s one of the main appeals of cryptocurrency. A currency unbound by the laws or taxes of any particular nation, existing wholly in an online, digitised platform – for many who have grown up in the digital era, more or less everything about it makes it appealing as an alternative to standard legal tender.

    And for some of us, the notion of using this digital currency for our personal expenses is not quite enough. No, we recognise the tremendous economic potential of cryptocurrency, and we’re looking to get ahead of the game by setting up our own cryptocurrency platform. After all, there’s a worldwide market out there – the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms are still riding high off the cryptocurrency craze, pulling in revenues of as much as $1 billion a year.

    And for good reason: cryptocurrency, once thought of as some esoteric hobby for computer whizz-kids, is now a global phenomenon, growing more accessible by the day. As a result, once you’ve found yourself resolved to start investing in it or building a business upon it, the process of doing so is now easier than ever – though, of course, should still be approached mindfully.

    How to Set Up Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

    To begin, you will need to purchase a cryptocurrency exchange system, and gain full access to the source code. Many online would have you believe that this sort of purchase can run you up thousands; but over at exBlock, you can purchase a code for as little as 2 Bitcoin, or 60 Ethereum.

    In addition, you will need to gather funding for your platform – after all, a business endeavour involving something as volatile as cryptocurrency requires the sort of investment likely well out of your personal funds. Consulting with private investors, or gathering money via crowdfunding platforms, is much more viable than paying out of your own pocket.

    {filename}-Exblock  Launching A Digital Asset Exchange

    And once your investor base is set up, you’ll need to build your equally important customer base. Do this carefully – a small amount of loyal customers are ultimately far better than a massive amount of customers who’ll quickly move on. Do research into the cryptocurrency-using demographic you’re aiming for – for the most part, it’s young, tech-savvy people. Peruse marketing options, and tap into the online platforms and advertising techniques most effective for this demographic. If you crowdfunded your platform, tap into the funders as potential customers. As with any business, your cryptocurrency platform cannot survive without a solid customer base.

    And finally, once your platform gains ground in the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency, you can move on to the next logical step: bringing your platform across the globe. As mentioned, cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon; and by adding support for different languages, exchange rates, and international policies, you are tapping into a world of fresh customers.

    All further information below:

    {filename}-Exblock  Launching A Digital Asset Exchange

    Official Website:
    Twitter: exBlock (@exBlockExchange) | Twitter

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    Hmm. Nice

    @gbolahan @SalimSojay @philipj @Barnabias come check this out.

    2 btc is not small money though and besides in terms of security, if they sell the same code to many people, then it will be easy to hack any of them by someone who buys the software and studies it!
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