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Employment Opportunities In Agriculture In The World Today

Discussion in 'Agriculture' started by Sun, Nov 16, 2018.

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    With the world’s unemployment index raging high, little attention has been given to Agriculture. What people don’t know is that there are employment opportunities in Agriculture.
    With years to come, youths will be scrambling for the best jobs in the Agricultural sector. The world’s Agricultural scene is opening up very fast so much so that the international investing community cannot but notice.

    A lot of improvements have taken place. Several countries has also put a number of measures in place to encourage young and agile people, especially graduates to take to farming as a career option instead of waiting for white collar jobs that are not available, cannot go round everybody and will soon go extinct.
    So are there really career prospects in the Agricultural industry? Are there employment opportunities in Agriculture? The answers you seek are below.

    FISH FARMING Do you know fish farmers are increasing by the day like never before? Do you also know that more and more people are going into this line of farming as a stream of financial income? And the beauty here is that you don’t need plenty acres of land to do it.
    Many people do this in their backyards and compounds. All you need is a little space that could contain a little artificial pond and you are good to go. The Catfish is the type of fish that most people rear because of its high patronage. I assure you that this is profitable Agricultural niche to venture into.
    SMALL SCALE FARMING One of the problems faced by young entrepreneurs is the fear of farm work. Do not allow the fear of farm work to deter from pursuing a career in Agriculture. Do you its now easier for intending small scale farmers to get involved in the farming sector and enjoy government support so long as they are registered with appropriate bodies within their locality and necessary government regulatory agencies. This way, access to necessary support from government becomes easy. More so, if the farmer teams up with other farmers as a member of the farming community in that area.
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