Crypto News Easycrypto: Aims To Make Investing Easier For New/old Investors.

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    {filename}-Easycrypto: Aims To Make Investing Easier For New/old Investors.

    EasyCrypro aims to make investing easier for new/old investors. We will be creating an app with all the basic/advanced needs for cryptocurrency. The end goal for EasyCrypto is for the app to be used world wide by old and new investors, the app will have wallet connect on and you will be able to trade on there. There is going to be a VIP service for the app which will come in a form of how much EasyCrypto (EZY) the person owns.

    EasyCrypro is also going to release FREE crypto advice 3-5 times a week to help people invest wisely. We are also planning on doing a VIP paid system in Q4 2022.

    EasyCrypto holders receive 2% reflection reward.

    Into the future EasyCrypto hopes to become an exchange on its own so everything is all in one place and people find it easier to invest.

    IDO Launch
    Start 6th May 2022
    End 11th May 2022

    {filename}-Easycrypto: Aims To Make Investing Easier For New/old Investors.

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