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Just In Doperaider Cryptogame Launch Is Finally Here!! [july 30th 21:00 Utc]

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by BitBullet, Jul 30, 2018.

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    DopeRaider CryptoGame Launch is Finally Here!! [July 30th 21:00 UTC]

    {filename}-Doperaider Cryptogame Launch Is Finally Here!! [july 30th 21:00 Utc]

    DopeRaider has been making moves for a few months now, and constantly teasing its followers with new concepts and updates. They even ran a beta test phase that lasted for 2 months just to make sure there were absolutely NO issues with gameplay.
    After all that time and effort, its finally time to play the game!
    Introducing the only true RPG style game on the blockchain. If you played DopeWars as a kid, you'll know exactly what to expect.

    DopeRaider is a cryptogame where you can buy, sell, grow, process and raid digital drugs in a crazy town full of narcos. You control however many narcos you want, and hustle your way to the top. But be warned, other narcos are out on the streets too and some of them are packing heat. Not to mention the pigs are running their own side show.
    Get immersed in the GTA-like world, and make as much profit as you can. Because if you don't, then somebody else will!

    The game officially launches on July the 30th at 21:00 UTC.
    The developers will "float" the economy with the money they generated from their narco presale. So that's already >10 ETH injected into the game from the start. Only presale narco owners will be able to play for the first hour, so make the most of that circulating crypto money! SELL THAT MERCH!
    You can check out all the details relating to the game and gameplay right on the DopeRaider medium page. There are articles about every single aspect of the game.
    DopeRaider – Medium

    And the best part is, this game is fully functional on the POA network! It was originally developed and played on the ethereum network, but due to the gas fiasco that lasted from May all the way to June, which made it impossibly expensive to play blockchain games on ETH because of the network congestion, the developers created a bridge, and are the first people in cryptogame history to make a fully successful migration to a new and better network.
    POA is infinitely faster and cheaper than ETH. Tx's are mined instantly and cost literal fractions of a cent (we're talking like $0.0002 per tx). If you are used to ETH games, then you'll know that this is insane. ETH games are much more expensive to play.

    Have a look and get yourself a presale narco if you want to take advantage of the economy float (all 250 presale narcos sold out, so now you can only buy the narcos that other players have set for auction in the marketplace).
    This will literally be free money, because access to the crypto injected into the economy will be limited access at first.

    Get ready, for the BEST cryptogame you will see in all of 2018.

    Respect has a price!

    DopeRaider - Respect has a price.
    DopeRaider - Respect has a price.
    DopeRaider (以太毒枭) (@doperaider) | Twitter
    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    DopeRaider – Medium
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