Crypto News Disbotdatbot: A New Crypto Coin That Could Change My Life.

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    Disbotdatbot: A New Crypto Coin That Could Change My Life.

    Does the world need yet another meme coin? Don’t we have enough with all the DOGE and SHIB spinoffs, and the dozen or so that launch daily? Well, that right there reveals the problem — there’s a lot of tokens out there, and the good ones — the really good ones — they rise to the top.

    {filename}-Disbotdatbot: A New Crypto Coin That Could Change My Life.

    I came across, which says they are a new kind of meme token crypto company. Upon first glance, it feels different than your shibmommydoge or moonrocketzilla type website. They say they are both a wealth-generator token as well as an incubator for new tech, by harnessing the power of crypto investment and channeling that toward developing not just new tech, but bringing the coders and devs to the forefront as well.

    Sounds good, the real question will be, can they execute.

    I continued reading, and they seem to have their act together. Tokenomics look decent, with a 5% incubator fund, but what caught my eye are the reward features. They actually want to build a community to engage with, to get involved, and to lend that community-driven power toward their cause. Which they say, should also be our cause. Why? Because they say that “disbotdatbot stewards a fund that seeks out and invests in passionate tech-minds who are driven to make the world a better place.”

    This could be really cool. Kinda like merging your next to-the-moon token with kickstarter-for-tech. Really cool actually.

    The rewards seem to have a 3-prong approach. They have a transaction tax of 8% — 4% to holders, and 4% to add to the incubator fund. Other tokens that advertise a reward to holders have done well. But their tokenomics also show a massive 30% token burn, which if executed during their Phase 4 in their roadmap, should produce deflationary economics. Secondly, they tease “innovative tiers of membership coming soon that reward your engagement with special perks.” Now that sounds interesting, and something I will definitely be checking in on. Thirdly, they say they will do a monthly lottery. Talk about trying to incentivize investors away from a trading strategy to a hold-on-and-get-involved in their community approach. Hmm.

    Back to the 30% token burn for a moment. I communicated with one of the core team creators, who talked about this at length as being part of the problem with so many potentially amazing tokens. Too many tokens out there, too much supply, and price reflects it. Like SHIB, they said. Imagine if SHIB did execute a big token burn, we may actually see it get close to the coveted $0.01 mark. Which is why the DISBOT team are determined to reduce the total supply early on. Smart.

    The DISBOT token presale precedes the launch of the platform. The users can participate in the presale, starting from the 30th of November at 14:00 UTC, until the 7th of December, 14:00 UTC. Then they go public on pancakeswap, which will be interesting because they are using anti-bot and anti-rugpull mechanisms to ensure a solid TGE.

    Disbotdatbot is focused on building a better future and supports the transformation of this world to a better one with the help of its meme-based token interacting with the community and contributing to vetted tech projects. It also represents a marketing plan that includes over 60 online publications that will partake in spreading the word about disbotdatbot and how it can improve the ways and means of charity-based meme crypto coins.

    If you are as intrigued in them as I am now, just DYOR. Could be something.

    Toto Kansas [email protected]

    Website: home
    Discord: Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out
    Telegram: disbotdatbot lounge

    Media Contact:
    Company name — disbotdatbot
    Contact email — [email protected]
    (press and media) Website — home
    Toronto, ON
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