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Crypto Lords: How I Bought All Altcoins On Bittrex + How You Can + Special Secrets For Jackobians!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    The cryptic TRUTH

    In here, we are going to discuss these:

    1. What crypto Lord means
    2. Where the inspiration came from
    3. How to achieve the crypto Lord thing.. if it's even possible
    4. How being a Crypto Lord helps you
    5. Others!

    Just do me a favour and read to the end!

    In every business and every game, there are secrets which are not revealed. Am sure you know that if you have ever done anything before. The motive behind this secrets can be many, for security and others.

    Here on Jackobian and cryptic Jackobian to be more precise, i think I have revealed everything i know unto those that are willing to listen and invest and am happy that a lot of Nigerians have keyed in so far and are equally benefitting thanks to the good work that our Crypto guardians are doing including @zedzed @gbolahan @Emma24 and co.

    Learn about the Jackobian crypto guardians and how they can help you with crypto growth here:
    Official - Who Are Jackobian Crypto Guardians? Why We Need Them!

    However, i think there is one thing am yet to mention which i cannot keep from you guys any longer.
    I won't call it a secret anyway but i fioud out that i have never discussed it before even when i want to so i then ask myself...why keep it back?

    I could not find an answer but i can make a long list of the reasons why i should be sharing it instead which is why i have decided to do just that now.
    Lastly, today, am heading back to school after an awesome free holiday thanks to what Muslims are doing in this period and i won't be able to do this until after my exams which i pray ends next week so i guess i imagined how many people will be missing out if i don't share it before going back!

    So, hope you are ready for it buddy? and i hope you take it very seriously.

    Intro To Crypto Lord
    I have mentioned this phrase before on Jackobian and that was here: Crypto Rap! - Crypto Lords: How I Plan To Take Over The Cryptocurrency World!

    But then, i only suggested it's something that we can do.. a means by which someone can become very established in cryptocurrency investments.
    I never mentioned that i had already begun such a quest although i actually didn't follow the steps i listed in the above thread just the way i listed them.

    What is crypto Lord all about?

    It's simple.
    My definition of a crypto Lord can be different from yours but mine is simple: Get all the cryptos out there and retain... sell when you need to but never sell all units of a particular crypto. For me, i don't think there is a better advice!

    Other definitions of Crypto Lord
    Am sure some people will say that having the most important coins is all you need to do but i don't agree with that and i have discussed it in a thread yesterday where i shared my own views on that here: Tips - Jackobians, Do Not Be Scared Of Fake Cryptos + How To Invest In Them!

    Am sure you already have an idea of what am talking about here. Let's go in details.

    The inspiration to attempt the crypto Lord

    Haven learnt about cryptocurrency here on Jackobian,... (Yeah, i learned from some guys here on Jackobian like @Adebimpe i got soaked into the whole thing because it slapped me right in the face as i got it totally wrong initially.)... i got hooked with learning about bitcoins and later found out that outside of Bitcoin, there are tons of other opportunities in the lane of altcoins.
    Just like every other enthusiast, i wanted to learn about and get as many of these coins that are actually useful and promising as possible. It didn't take long to realize that it was futile as you can never really learn about all of them so the next step became a lot more clearer after i saw a video by some guy, Jerry Banfield on the topic of CRYPTOCURRENCY RETIREMENT PLAN.

    hE SUggested that if you bought all the coins, you can retire but that's only a joke as i later realized as they just keep pumping out and you will soon have hundreds of new ones to invest in!

    However, his words stuck with me long enough to device how one can actually get all the cryptos especially when you don't have a MILLION DOLLARS IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! lols.
    One of The product of this line of thought is the CryptoGame which we developed a while ago and tested.
    THE CRYPTOGAME works like a charm if used well and i recommend it 10/10 for Investors especially those on low budget!

    In fact, you cannot acquire all the coins without cryptoGame or something that imitates cryptoGame so i highly recommend you start learning how to use the cryptoGame investment strategy right away!
    To do so, please click here to learn how the cryptoGame can help you: PrezzY - How I Made $872 & Got 117 Cryptos Trading $50 Worth Of Bitcoins With Jackobian's Cryptogame

    Then, to learn how to play the game proper, please read this guide:
    How Jackobian's Cryptogame Works - Journey Of Hungry Crypto Lords

    @kessyboy i hope you see this in time!

    How exchanges help you with this Journey and How you should Treat Exchanges

    Exchanges are where we buy cryptos and they usually charge a fee for this. So, in order to get all these coins you need to belong to some of them like poloniex and bittrex

    NOTE: In your journey to acquire all the cryptos, you should not forget that exchanges are owned and run by people so it's very dangerous to maintain only one account and one exchange.
    Instead, open multiple accounts on multiple exchanges and use them to purchase your coins!

    Special TIP: You can purchase one altcoin in all the exchanges to keep the coin safer.
    example: purchase ethereum in all the exchanges you have accounts with even though it's in small amounts. i call that DECENTRALIZING THE DECENTRALIZED. it simply helps you stay safer.

    for other exchanges you can use apart from bittrex and poloniex, please go here PrezzY - Trading Security: My 2 Best Poloniex Alternative Aside Bittrex!

    Furthermore, don't forget to protect your password and possibly activate 2FA for your accounts.
    you can learn about the dangers of 2FA here

    Do i really own all the cryptos on Bittrex?

    Unless it's added recently, or cannot be traded, am sure everything has been secured.


    from the Pic, ION cannot be purchased.

    crypto lord.PNG-Crypto Lords: How I Bought All Altcoins On Bittrex + How You Can + Special Secrets For Jackobians!

    some cryptos here cannot be traded too although i already have them
    crypto lord1.PNG-Crypto Lords: How I Bought All Altcoins On Bittrex + How You Can + Special Secrets For Jackobians!
    this is a list of coins that i cannot even purchase so no worries!
    crypto lord2.PNG-Crypto Lords: How I Bought All Altcoins On Bittrex + How You Can + Special Secrets For Jackobians!

    Quality of Investments
    Am not after the number of dollars invested in these cryptos although i pay attention that i purchase a tangible amount of each.
    For smaller cryptos, i buy as much as possible but for smaller ones, i buy their sub-units for example, i can't purchase 1 eth which is about $293 so i buy in units.
    example: any amount that $5 can purchase for me when ETH is low!

    How i did it and How you can do the same - Becoming thr Crypto Lord your own way!

    Yeah, that is why i write friend!!! I want you to be your own crypto lord too and it's very possible as i will show you below EVEN IF ALL YOU HAVE IS 5 DOLLARS!

    Now, i won't pretend that am writing for only people with low budgets such as students like myslf so i will divide this into two parts!

    @zedzed don't miss!
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    How much i set up this account with

    Just in case you are wondering how much i started with, it was only about 0.06BTC months back which should equate $60 - $100 at the time!
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  4. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

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  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    am being serious zed
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  6. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    How to Become a crypto Lord if you have large capital for Investing in cryptos!

    It's simple. Just take your time. Buy all the cryptos using the method described here: How To Trade Cryptocurrency With Coinmarketcap (gainers-losers)

    I call it Gainers and Losers method and it's very effective.
    Just deposit your Bitcoins and use the above method to purchase all of them!

    You might want to purchase bitcoins only when you need them in which case you can purchase from CENTRAL BANK OF BITCOINS JACKOBIAN!to buy from @Prezzy click: Buy Bitcoins In Nigeria At Central Bank Of Bitcoins Jackobian

    o, that's just how it works for big time investors. How about the younger ones? the ones with low capital?
  7. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    How to Become a crypto Lord with small capital!

    In this case you will be needing the cryptoGame as it's the most effective way i know to do this.
    that's just it!
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  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Why you should play the cryptoGame to become a Crypto Lord + Final words!

    I believe this is a quest that every cryptocurrency investor should embark on.
    it's not necessarily the most important thing you should be doing with your cryptos but it's one of the coolest things you can do in my own opinion.

    Here's one way that Crypto Lord has helped me:
    Whenever i check on a new crypto that i have never seen especially the one that's pumping at the moment before and i see that it's listed on bittrex, i will just smile knowing that am there!
    How crypto Lord helps investors during BloodBath!
    Presently the crypto world is in what is called a BLOODBATH and it simply means that most of the coins are losing value and Crypto Lord helps in times like this too!

    i have an account with poloniex too and when i logged in this morning, i realised that i have lost some money because of the bloodbath which hit most of my top holding cryptos.

    But when i checked Bittrex which is where i have all the coins almost evenly spread out, i have not been hit as much as i have been hit on Poloniex!
    I lost almost nothing until recently because even though the crypto world is suffering some coins are still shooting and since i have those that are shooting too, it becomes easier to wedge and possibly counter the negative effect of the bloodbath!

    This is a very big advantage and also a disadvantage in some ways... when a particular crypto does so well and others so poorly and you wish you are with the one that's doing so good with most of your investments

    AM sure some people will not be comfortable with this style of investment and that's perfectly in line BUT IF IT MAKES ANY SENSE TO YOU, THEN YOU ARE WELCOME TO PURSUE IT AND ENJOY THE RESULTS GOOD OR BAD!

    am optimistic about the positive nature of what the result will be though and you should be too

    I hope i have been able to educate you sufficiently on how you can be able to become a Cryto Lord and i pray you make the right decision concerning this

    and i pray it works out well for us all in the future.
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  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    in one of my next postz, i will be discussing something that's largely contradictory to what i have been teaching so far.. guess what it is?
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  12. Prezzy

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    You'll see it bro. No rush!
  13. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    Lol.. @Prezzy am currently thinking of giving my sister's hand in marriage to you..
    You know i willl accept BTC as the bride price ..
    Thank you so much for this kind of education....
    oya kontinue ..i haff park my SUV here
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  14. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    Still waiting
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  15. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    No rush bro.
    My bride price of 1 Bitcoin is 84% complete.

    When it's ready, I might come knocking before time expected.

    I just hope Bittrex will speed things up & I hope sey she fine abi?
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  16. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector


    If may take a week to come because of my exams but I have already started doing that.

    No worries, it's all good. There's a plan
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  17. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    I will deliveer her to you through OLX
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  18. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    Talking about investments you have idea about buying of shares in nigeria
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  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Yes I do. And there's one message for people like you - FORGET IT.
  20. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    Haba ! thats harsh o...what ur reasons..cos someone i introduced into cryptocurrency is asking me about it
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  21. SalimSojay

    SalimSojay Well Known

    Crypto Game sweet die

    Ah swear it's incomparable to anything I have ever been involved in

    Keep up the good work ma big boss @Prezzy - Da Crypto Lord

    Success unit Exams

    Am gonna Impact as many life as possible with all the info I have about This Crypto Game.

    Cos, Mark my word,
    "The world will soon become crypto world". The Crypto Era is here already...


    That's it


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  22. Ay04z

    Ay04z Well Known

    Cryptos are bleeding hard presently for the past 4 days. i just weak...
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  23. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Sorry if it's harsh but it's equally true bro.
    Stocks have crashed.


    Am talking about Nigerians bro
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  24. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    You made a mistake.
    It was a great time to buy.

    ETH went from 390 to 200+
    Great time to buy
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  25. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Yeah it is and am glad that Jackobians are already catching up!
    It's just a fun title bro!
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  26. Jheaboiy

    Jheaboiy Upcoming

    Thanks Prezzy, all best in ur exams
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  27. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    thanks too!
  28. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i hope someone is already trying this out please??
  29. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    i hope someone is doing this right???
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  30. kessyboy

    kessyboy Well Known

    of course...i have embarked on the new ecited crypto gane with another exchange..
    although started with small money sha..
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  31. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Nothing is small in Cryptocurrency bro especially when you are dealing with PROMISING ALTCOINS!
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