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Just In [crypto Investing Game] Global Launch: In 5 Days

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by BitBullet, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. BitBullet

    BitBullet Jackobian

    [Crypto Investing Game] ETH.TOWN Global Launch: In 5 Days

    Guys, I just wanted to inform you that after 5 months since ON5 announced their revolutionary concept for a new cryptogame called ETH.TOWN, they have finally started the countdown for their official global launch.

    ETH.TOWN: To the new heights! The best Ethereum game.

    ON5 is a professional mobile game development company, and they are now completely dedicated to making the best possible immersive cryptogames the blockchain has ever seen. On5. We make mobile games.

    ETH.TOWN is a massive platform, with multiple layers of mini-games contained within. Players play as "heroes" who go around interacting in the ETH.TOWN tower, using their different abilities and strategies to make as much ETH as possible in this crazy town.

    A lot of love, time, effort and passion has gone into the development and perfection of this game. The beta test has been successfully running for a few months now, and all the finer details have been fine-tuned and optimized for the best possible game experience. I've played a lot of cryptogames on the ethereum network since the start of 2018, but none seemed so big as ETH.TOWN is striving to be. They aim to surpass the most popular game volume records, and all of this money is used to fuel the game and the people playing it.

    The team has announced that in celebration of the upcoming launch, they will be hosting many contests and competitions, with many prizes distributed to participants and players. Come join the fun on the ETH.TOWN discord channel, and make sure to look at some of the articles they have published on their medium, explaining the games vision, structure and gameplay.

    Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    Medium: ETH.TOWN – Medium
    Twitter: ETH.TOWN (@eth_town) | Twitter

    Hope you all enjoy the game.
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