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Official Contribute Here: Help Jackobian Grow Better In 2018

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by D-termined, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    @wunmite wow, i really appreciate you for dropping your suggestion here. I am also happy that you are now active back.

    We have missed you so much here. Indeed you have spoken well and i must assure you that your suggestion won't be taken lightly.

    @Prezzy kindly come over here.
  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Hi dear. I understand your message very well and I must say it's one of its kind.

    Your suggestion about creating an investment opportunity for Jackobians to pull their money together is perfect but just like every other investment, it comes with risks which can be difficult to

    1. Manage
    2. Explain to people

    In the end, it may end up being like a ponzi scheme if you understand what I mean.

    On the other hand, you can drop the interest on money investment which will make people to feel less comfortable with it as an investment.
    Raising interest means raising risk as well.

    In summary, it's a brilliant idea but at the moment, we are not ready to undertake the issue of caring for other people's money as it's more risky than caring for ours .

    However we will DEFINITELY create a system that will help Jackobians make money in the future. Am sure of that.
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  3. wunmite

    wunmite Well Known

    Thanks, Happy new yr. lol
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  4. wunmite

    wunmite Well Known

  5. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    I wish you the same... I hope to start seeing your contribution here in terms of creating topic.
  6. Peterosunkoya

    Peterosunkoya Leader

  7. Peterosunkoya

    Peterosunkoya Leader

    Ghost leader/protector2 or .../1
  8. Peterosunkoya

    Peterosunkoya Leader

    dated 01:09:2018/2020 january 1st. Later
  9. Peterosunkoya

    Peterosunkoya Leader

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