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Connecting The World With The First Ever “digital Health Coin”

Discussion in 'ICOs & Bounties (free bitcoins!)' started by laurapromoter, May 5, 2018.

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    Connecting the World with the first ever “Digital Health Coin”
    Boltt Coin, is a unique Social Health Gamification Platform based on Blockchain. Boltt is on a mission to help people live healthier. Striving to make a big impact on society’s health & lifestyle, using Blockchain, Boltt Rewards users with the "World’s first digital health currency” ~{BolttCoin}, upon achieving their health goals.
    Designed as the ultimate digital health currency for the masses, the BolltCoin tokens will disrupt the cryptocurrency scene, targeting to become the largest traded digital token within an internal ecosystem, right after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    Boltt coin platform is a uniquely built on a Dual Blockchain (Waves and Ethereum), which enable you to Walk more! Earn more:money_with_wings:. The platform enables players to earn Boltt Coins for personal health, We call it the “WalkChain” that uses “Proof of Steps” to mine BOLTT COINS as you walk!

    Boltt Platform will also host decentralized tournaments & interactive peer to peer league matches, sponsored by brands, corporates &celebrities:sports_medal::trophy:
    BolttCoins can be used to purchase goods & services across a large partner network of 25K+ merchants & more than 1M products, all of this from day one!

    Established in 2015, Boltt is a market leader & largest wearable tech player based in India and US.
    Today, Boltt has created an "Addictive Mobile Health Game" and an entire ecosystem around it that aims to motivate people to remain fitter and healthier!
    BolttCoins can be used to purchase goods & services across a partner network of 25K+ merchants & 1Mn products, all of this from day one!
    The concept of “Walk more Earn more” can go viral in the world community, since it’s being adopted by large organisations& businesses.
    This currency has huge ecosystem, network & demand. With limited supply & economics, it can become a most valuable asset over time.
    Boltt Coin has a mass application across industries and consumers-corporates, retailers, insurance, gyms, brands, celebrities healthcare etc.
    With MVP ready to be deployed, leading partners and brands on board, the App can amass millions of users with a very strong revenue model in place.
    With a huge ecosystem of E- commerce merchants in place, who will accept BolttCoins, Boltt is working on upcoming partnerships with largest music, entertainment & gaming companies, which can make BolttCoins the largest largest community currency. We have a strong team and a seasoned Advisory Panel from the Crypto, Blockchainspace.The platform expects to aggregate $1billion GMV in five years.
    Our project is based on a noble cause of Global Health Advancement! And we have numbers and tokenomics that validate our claim when we say that our transaction volumes can beat Etherium and Bitcoin.
    Anyone who walks ( achieves personal health) can earn the world’s first digital health currency ie Boltt Coin. As a result the world’s 7 Bn population is a potential addessable market, much bigger than the current crypto community.
    Boltt solves one of the biggest problems in personal health: Lack of motivation for personal health improvement. While solving this primary problem, Boltt’s solution successfully provides answers to several other major gaps and pain points in current healthcare ecosystems such as lack of engagement and loyalty for the stakeholders.Engagement, Gamification& Loyalty are the 3 main pillars for any brand, corporate & business. There is no "One Platform" that provides all three pillars for business & customers alike.
    Boltt creates an ecosystem of real-life partnerships with retailers, merchants, corporates, service providers, insurance companies, and an integration of gamification, blockchain and distributed ledger technology that aims towards increasing engagement & loyalty based on improved health. The Boltt ecosystem enables people to mine BolttCoins by taking steps, which is a tangible measure of improving one’s personal health. BolttCoin is the exclusive currency used within the ecosystem that can be used as rewards in social gamification, engagement and loyalty programs across the ecosystems.

    • Whitepaper:
    • Telegram : Олег Иванов
    • Press release :
    Website : ICO Crypto - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Landing Page Template

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  3. Prezzy

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    i thought dentacoin was a medical/health coin huh?
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    Thank you for giving us this useful information. But you have said nothing about men`s sexual health. But we all must now that when men grow old his testosterone levels drop. This leads to problems with sexual life and energy. I think this product is very efficient against it
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    LOL, how can it help my health? I don't know this is not hcg injections to save the lives and give births. I think this is really overestimated, I mean not only healthcoin but all this hysteria with cryptocurrencies and blockchains.