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Tutorial Chemisty Questions For Jambites

Discussion in 'Jamb' started by zedzed, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. zedzed

    zedzed Grand Mod

    Here are some chemistry questions to attempt for 2018 jambites

    Question 1 of 20

    The knowledge of half-life can be used to

    split an element Create an element Detect an element irradiate an element

    Question 2 of 20

    A side effect of soft water is that

    excess calcium is precipitated it attacks lead contained in pipes it gives an offensive smell it gives offensive taste

    Question 3 of 20

    Cu2S(s) + O2(g) = 2CU(s) + SO2(g)
    What is the change in the oxidation number of copper in the above reaction?

    +1 to 0 +2 to +1 0 to +1 0 to +2

    Question 4 of 20

    The nitrogen obtained from air has a density of higher than one from nitrogen-containing compounds because the one from air is contaminated with

    rare gases oxygen carbon (IV) oxide water vapour

    Question 5 of 20

    A silicon – containing ore has 92%Si, 5%Si and 3%Si. Calculate the relative atomic mass of the silicon

    28.11 28 29 14

    Question 6 of 20

    A consequence of global warming is

    air pollution water pollution increased humidity flooding

    Question 7 of 20

    How many isomers does pentane have?

    3 1 6 8

    Question 8 of 20

    Water molecules can be ligands especially when they are bonded to

    group VII elements alkali metals transition metals alkaline earth metals

    Question 9 of 20

    The basicity of CH3COOH is

    3 1 4 2

    Question 11 of 20

    Which of the following metals burns like a brick-red flame

    Ca Pb Na Mg

    Question 12 of 20

    Which of the following best explains the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction as the temperature rises?

    The molecular collisions become more violent The bonds in the reacting molecules are more readily broken The collision frequency of the molecules increases lower proportion of the molecules has the necessary minimum energy to react

    Question 13 of 20

    A common characteristics of copper and silver in their usage as coinage metals is that they

    are easily oxidized are not easily oxidized have high metallic lustre are not easily reduced

    Question 14 of 20

    The main impurity in iron ore during the extraction of iron is

    sulphur (II) oxide carbon (IV) oxide silicon (IV) oxide calcium trioxosilicate

    Question 15 of 20

    Cancerous growths are cured by exposure to

    γ-rays α-rays x-rays β-rays

    Question 17 of 20

    The leachate of a certain plant ash is used in local soap because it contains

    soluble carbonates and hydrogen carbonate sodium chloride and potassium hydroxide potassium hydroxide sodium hydroxide

    Question 18 of 20

    If Y is an oxidizing agent that react with a reducing agent, Z, which of the following is correct?

    Y becomes reduced Y increases in oxidation number Z loses protons gains proton

    Question 19 of 20

    Haematite is an ore of

    iron lead copper zinc

    Question 20 of 20

    The fundamental difference between the three states of matter is the

    shape of the container they occupy degree of movement of their particles number of particles in each state shape of their particles
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