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    Speaking of Bitcoins and Bitcoins sales, investment and all, about 2 months ago, I didn't know a thing about that. Maybe I Have heard about it but I didn't take it serious. I personally dragged my good friend out of it... Bitcoin usage. But then, that was me last 2 months.

    My Little Bitcoin Story
    Learning about Bitcoin has been a lot more than interesting. Considering am a Nigerian and the dollar have dealt with our currency, the naira so badly, beating it 465 times in the local market as of yesterday, I became specially interested in a currency that is doing something worse than that to the dollar not to talk of how little it makes Naira appear to the extent that we have to break it down to decimals before we make 90% of transactions!

    That's very bad but mostly interesting as far as am concerned and I was real quick to pick interest in the cryptocurrency. Hopefully, In the future, I'll be able to make my own personal contributions to the growth of the Bitcoin community and users worldwide. Meanwhile, all I wanna do now is bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of Bitcoins here on!

    I learnt about the Cryptocurrency on here and since then have tried a lot of things and of course just like every other careless begginer watched my thousands of naira degenerate into decimals and then slowly disappear to places I can't tell. It was all my fault though. I knew no limits to investing both in legit and fake schemes.
    Hence my 1 dollar advice for you as a beginner...
    Now about Central Bank of Bitcoin, the idea is simple. As this community continues to grow, I see a lot of topics by people looking for whom to buy Bitcoins from and whom to sell to.
    They spend quite a lot of time reviewing the list of websites that offers professional services of such but they are all the same. They buy at crazy low prices and sell at crazy high rates.

    I personally don't understand why the margin must be so deep but I can't care less either. They want to do business and it's cool but then, their business ain't favoring any of my friends nor me so why not buy and sell at a price that's most acceptable?

    That's just the goal.

    I hope to buy from people that want to sell here on, providing a quick way to convert Bitcoins to naira and at the same time sell to those who wants to buy serving as a fast and TRUSTED way of getting Bitcoins whenever you need!

    Facing Trust - the Bitcoin Merchant we can Trust anytime.

    One Issue I want to deal with here is Trust. Lots of people in the forums don't know whom they are buying from not whom they are selling to. I have come up with lots of plans on how to tackle it but I couldn't figure something that will work perfectly, at least as well as this.

    Most sellers have never seen or spoken with their buyers and this is scary for the buyers especially for the beginners.
    I believe that with me, the issue of trust is solved because everyone who's few minutes old as a member on surely knows prezzy at least a little. So, I hope to solve the issue of trust in that basis.

    It didn't solve it all though.

    Is this a Business?

    Sure it is. Hopefully, it will be.
    I know that will surprise some of us who knows I help people who cant buy Bitcoins [here = Free Bitcoins Donation To Upcoming Jackobians - Must For All! ] but I want to assure you that the free bitcoin for newbies is not stopping. We will continue to give as much as we can to those that don't have while the sales and buying of Bitcoins continue

    So, yes, this is a business for real. Buying and selling has always been and this is one of such but with a unique difference... I have always been around to serve Jackobians and this is another medium in which I hope to do it the best I can!

    The price will of course be fluctuating as Bitcoin is about the only currency that's less stable than the unstable Naira.

    But I'll do my best to...
    1. Maintain a steady Price for each day.
    2. Keep the balance between buying price and sale price as stable as it can be.
    On this note, I assure you that the difference between cost price and sale price will not in any case exceed 10 naira per dollar.

    Comparing it with what we see @ Naira4dollar today where

    You buy @ 555
    Ans sell at about 475

    I believe it's the best on the Internet or at least on!

    So, that's how I hope to make this work and of course, more info will be arriving from time to time but now, I humbly declare our Jackobian Central Bank of Bitcoin officially Open!

    All Jackobians are eligible to Buy Bitcoins here and hash id will be shared as proof of payment for each transaction.

    Two important things will be seen below...

    -> Number of Bitcoins in Stock
    -> Price per dollar

    Hope we run a smooth system here.

    Note: I don't Buy Bitcoins on this thread so any post about anyone selling Bitcoins to me or anyone else will be banned with appropriate punishment for distorting the flow of discussion and transactions here.

    So, please let peace raaaiiin in this Central Bank.

    Signed: YourBoyPrezzy
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  3. Prezzy

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    Bitcoin in Stock = $10,000
    Price = 350-365 naira per dollar
    Call for current price = 07037238225

    [Beta Nigeria Price :D]

    How to Buy BTC directly from Central Bank of Bitcoins?

    Use these Bank Account Details.

    Guarantee Trust Bank - Gtbank:p
    Okwuanaso Precious Mmeso

    Diamond Bank:cool:
    Okwuanaso Precious Mmeso

    First Bank:(
    Okwuanaso Precious Mmeso

    :p - Best
    :rolleyes: - Cool
    :( - Chai!

    After payments

    Drop your Bitcoin address (Xapo or Blockchain because least charges for transfer!)

    Then give me a call = 07037238225

    Your Bitcoins will arrive in the next few minutes and I'll supply the hash id from

    Hopefully, each transaction will take just 10 minutes, the only delay being Bank Transfer

    How we Compare with Other Sellers Online!

    1. WinkPayment
    Buy/Sell Perfect Money & Bitcoin Automatically in Nigeria.

    wink payment bitcoin rate.png-Buy Bitcoins In Nigeria At Central Bank Of Bitcoins Jackobian

    Price: 550

    2. Naira4dollar
    Buy/Sell Perfect Money, Web Money and Bit Coin in Nigeria

    Naira4dollar bitcoin rate.png-Buy Bitcoins In Nigeria At Central Bank Of Bitcoins Jackobian

    Naira4dollar = 550

    3. Instantgold Bitcoin Rate
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    instagold bitcoin rate.png-Buy Bitcoins In Nigeria At Central Bank Of Bitcoins Jackobian

    Instantgold = 545

    Are we really competing with Other Bitcoin Sellers?

    Nop. We aren't.
    We serve Jackobians to make sure there's no problems in the community as regards Bitcoins transactions.

    They serve the general public and do their Business.

    So, if you want to participate in this, you have to be a member of this forum and to become a member, all you have to do is Click Here to Register
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    Bitcoin worth 5m naira in stock
  5. Gad

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    Good one bro
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  6. Very nice. Thanks
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  7. Prindu

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    Nice move boss!:cool:
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  8. I wan buy 5k own . . . . How we go do am
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  9. Prezzy

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    Wow, I already have a buyer? Well. The price is still @ 500 naira to a dollar!

    So, it's about $10 for you.
    Best Black Friday Price on Planet Earth... Try me. Do your research.

    Drop your Bitcoin address and make payments.
    After that, just give me a call, you'll receive your BTC once you drop your call!
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  10. Prezzy

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    Looks like you are the first person I'll ban on this thread :p
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  11. Here's my wallet address 1DQsSGCfmbNu94u3ivkc5fy1xTEFzjZnL3
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  12. Oga boss Prezzy your number dey switched off
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  14. Orewems

    Orewems Jackobian

    What happens to Blockchain users?
  15. kykyblaze

    kykyblaze Jackobian

    Do you still have bitcoin
  16. wokemz

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    I need worth of 10k, my xapo address is 3Fkrr6p7T5Gw4apatpKvXf6rNJ5mJriwcw
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2016
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  17. sango ilorin

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    LET HIM ANSWER......
  18. Prezzy

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    leave your address and make your payments bro. you will get it once i see the alert.
    don't forget to specify how much you paid for bro and the bank from which you made payments
  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    make the payments and leave your address bro
  20. Prezzy

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    alright, call me once you make the payments bro
  21. 5K worth. From FCMB bank. Here's my wallet. 1DQsSGCfmbNu94u3ivkc5fy1xTEFzjZnL3
  22. I have sent you 5K

    Attached Files:

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  23. tink2wice

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    someone pls help with link to join jackobian whatsapp group
    Or admin pls add
  24. Ay04z

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    I tink we should create a WhatsApp group for buying and selling of bitcoins?
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  25. Prezzy

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  26. Prezzy

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    I don't think any number of whatsapp groups can do this better than can besides, the Bitcoins is for Jackobians my dear. It's started to stop cheating and that's why it's public.
    Whatsapp group is out of the question here though we can have that later for proof and all.
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    You can get your account banned for Distracting this thread bro. PLEASE STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY. this is not a regular thread.
    I don't mean 2 be rude bro
  28. tink2wice

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    just had to reach the latest thread.....I am sorry about that. please can I get added thanks.
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  29. wokemz

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    Bro, i will sending it to the gtb account soon. How much worth of btc am i getting? 0.04? For 10k
  30. Ibk

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    Can u fund address too?
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  31. Prezzy

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    Am so sorry sir, I can't really make out what you mean.
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