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Bright Chimezie Opens Up About Nnamdi Kanu, Writes To Kanu's Followers

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Screenshot_2018-07-24-11-12-21.png-Bright Chimezie Opens Up About Nnamdi Kanu, Writes To Kanu's Followers
    Bright Chimezie WROTE: A SHORT STORY ABOUT THE IPOB LEADER (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu)

    Upon his graduation from the university in London, he got himself a very nice job a consultancy and lived comfortably, but he chosed to serve his people and humanity in general.

    He joined a political party(APGA), which was designed to lift the plight of the IGBOS in Nigeria, when the party changed from it's initial purpose, and was hijacked by some criminal minded Igbo politians. He couldn't continue with them, then he left them for good.

    After a while, he joined a political movement(MASSOB) in pursuit of freedom for his people, at some point, the movement became something else and he couldn't continue, because he is a man of truth and honesty, he detest compromise and deceit, then he left them as well.

    Now, he decided to take the bull by the horn, he formed his own group (IPOB) with few other people that were with him then, he continued speaking the truth and the people heard his voice and believed him, he didn't stop there, he left his base (London) to come and lead the struggle from the front, upon his arrival in Lagos state Nigeria, he was arrested and subjugated into all manner of torture and degrading treatment by the Nigerian DSS. but he never gave up

    Later he was charged to court and then granted bail with strigent bail conditions, he was not distracted by those conditions, he broke them all and continued, when the handlers of Nigeria and their useful idiots in Igbo land (Igbo politicians) saw that he was unstopable, then they whisppered to themselves and then re-strategiesd, they came up with operation python dance 2, invaded his home killed many of his loyalist and then took him away, ever since then, nobody has sighted him anywhere, and to worsen the case, the army denied having him in their custody, and the question on the lips of everyone now is WHERE IS NNAMDI KANU??

    Nobody has given an answer to the above quest.

    The question now is, HAVE THEY ACHIEVED THEIR AIM? I mean the the Nigeria govt. and their slaves in Igbo land(the politicians)

    If you say no to the above quest. then what are you doing to sustain it? Are you truly fighting or you are just gossiping, making reckless suggestion without reasoning, if we must fight this battle to finish, then we must put aside our differences and work together as one and also make sure that we maintain the legacies of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

    We must remain resolute,courageous and consistent, because in the end, BIAFRA MUST COME!
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