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Boss International - Make More Than 500k In A Month

Discussion in 'Make Money with Offline Investments' started by Bigga, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Bigga

    Bigga Upcoming

    Let me introduce you to a brand new Philippines company in Nigeria which is already helping Nigerians to change their success story.

    Boss international is barely a month old in Nigeria and this is the right time to take position now.


    In Boss, you earn from both your upline and your downline.
    You start making money just after your registration without refering any body…


    BOSS International Inc. was founded in January 15, 2018 in the Philippines. BOSS already has over 43,000 distributors and a significant number of Multi-Millionaire Network Marketers with the aim to share their success stories and inspire the rest of the world.

    With a global vision of becoming the instrument to the most number of shared success stories globally, BOSS is expanding its market reach internationally including Nigeria and the rest of the world.
    With over 43,000 distributors and counting, Boss International Inc. helps people build their success stories through quality products fueled by a network marketing system that serves as the door to limitless earning.

    What is The Products of BOSS International (NIGERIA)?

    Perfume will be the flagship of BOSS International Inc. – Nigeria. This high quality perfume line is made from the finest ingredients imported from the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France. The elegant scent can last for more than eight hours, rest assured your money is well spent
    BOSS International Inc. will launch its branch in Nigeria, this means more business opportunities for everyone! Nigerians will soon build their own success stories through BOSS leadership and network marketing system. What are you waiting for? Don’t be late! Join BOSS NOW and build your own Success!


    (All prices are pocket friendly with great values)

    7 Ways To Earn From BOSS International

    UBP SHARE: is the percentage share you will be paid
    UBP INCOME: is the maximum amount you will be paid even if you don’t refer or sell products.
    Meaning the company will be paying you in your own percentage shares till it reaches the your maximum income.
    How U.B.P Works

    Once you have been registered . Then income will start right away to UBP (Universal Bonus pool)
    i. Earn 10% from the company sales> everyday according to your package the higher the more earnings
    ii. Earn 10% from new members registered in the company even though you didn’t refer them
    iii. Sponsor Support: Earn 10% from your upline efforts till the 3rd generation

    UBP Share of Profit per Package
    Bronze is 1 share (1%)
    Silver is 3 Shares (3%)
    Gold is 7 shares (7%)
    Platinum is 15 shares (15%)
    Sapphire is 31 shares ( 31)
    Rubby is 63 shares (63%)
    Emerald is 127 shares (127%)
    Diamond is 255 shares (255%)

    You can see why people earn in BOSS even without introducing anybody. You earn as the company sell their products everyday , you earn as new people join BOSS everyday . If you join BOSS today you will start earning today because as the company distribute UBP you own will drop according to the number of your shares . The share numbers is the percentage of your UBP earning .
    This is how the distribution of the UBP works . imagine being a diamond and earning 255% of a company daily sales.
    And you have collected products worth your capital yet you are earning.

    Take for example
    If I invest 500,000 in BOSS INTL Boss will give me products worth of 500,000 and still pay me UBP worth that over the 500,000.
    This is what you earn when you chose to invite anybody in BOSS. NO Matter the package you join with, It won’t reduce your referral earning coz you can register any package under you

    2. Direct Refferal
    Everytime you have invite and they Join in the company You will get a Direct Refferal Commission depend on the package they Purchase.
    These are the referral commission per package:
    Bronze – N700
    Silver – N2,450
    Gold – N4,900
    Platinum – N10,500
    Sapphire – N21,700
    Ruby – N44,100
    Emerald – N88,900
    Diamond – N178,500

    3. Pairing Income
    Everytime there will be new Member in your Left side and Right side you will get a pairing income. Pairing income will be based on PV (Points Value). Every 15PV in left and every 15PV in right, company will give you N1,050.

    Each pacakges has its correponding PV
    Bronze – 15PV
    Silver – 45PV
    Gold – 105PV
    Platinum – 225PV
    Sapphire – 465PV
    Ruby – 945PV
    Emerald – 1,905PV
    Diamond – 3,825PV

    Example 1:
    You have Bronze package in Left and Bronze Package in Right, In this scenario you will get a N1,050 as pairing income.

    Example 2:
    You have Silver package in left and You have Silver Package in Right, in this Scenario you will get a N3,150 as pairing income.
    This is the bomb in BOSS. It falls like rain every day. It will be falling from your uplines & downlines till infinity.

    4. Unilvel Income
    Here you will earn some percentage from your Group Sales.
    Every perfumes they will repurchase will earn you $.10 (N35).

    If you have Members under your Organization that are good in selling, you will earn everytime they buy products from the company.

    5. Infinity Bonus
    This way of earning also have Requirements. To earn here you must *Silver package holder (worth N40,950)* and have 3 Direct invite (regardless of what package they have).

    Your Earning in infinity bonus will start on your 3rd direct. In every First 2 direct referral of your 3rd invite you will earn:
    Bronze – N350
    Silver – N1,050
    Gold – N2,450
    Platinum – N525
    Sapphire – N10,850
    Ruby – N22,050
    Emerald – N44,459
    Diamond – N89,250

    Example: your 3rd invite have 2 Direct referral, for example bronze. in this scenario you will get 2 N350. So on and so fort.

    Points for Incentives
    *_80Points G/Schock watch_*
    *_120Points Galaxy J2_*
    *_400Points Laptop_*
    *_600Points IPad_*
    *_1000Points Dp Car_*
    *_10,000Points Fp Car_*
    *_3,000Points Dp Suv_*
    *_20,000Points Sp SUV_*
    *_50,000Points sports car_*
    *_70,000Points Boss house_*
    *_Travel and gifts inclusive_*
    *_Please note the POINTS_*
    *_accumulating the same POINTS qualifies you for all the incentives_*

    Here is a total breakdown of BOSS compensation plan.
    Click here and watch the video to understand how BOSS works (<a href="BOSS International - Build Your Success Story and Wave Bye to Poverty - Gobuzz Blog">Visit Site to see Link</a>).

    6. Incentive points
    This is the best in BOSS Int. Everytime you earn from your pairing income yu will receive an Incentive Points.
    1050 Pairing Income is equivalent to 1 Incentive points.

    Remember that in BOSS INT’L, while you are earning, you are saving for your dream car, gadgets, house and lot, or Travels unlike other companies that you will earn and you will use your money just to buy gadgets or cars. Here in BOSS INT’L its FREE once you earn your Incentive Points.

    7. Direct Selling
    Once you are a registered member, you will have 50% discount on your next retail purchase. (Upgrade or buy new package not included in 50% discount) Retail purchase only.

    BOSS PACKAGE PRICES (Nigerian Naira Price)

    Price: ₦13,650
    Shares: 1
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦15,750
    Products Included: 3 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦40,950
    Shares: 3
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦48,825
    Products Included: 9 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦95,550
    Shares: 7
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦117,600
    Products Included: 21 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦204,750
    Shares: 15
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦259,875
    Products Included: 45 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦423,150
    Shares: 31
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦553,350
    Products Included: 93 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦859,950
    Shares: 63
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦1,157,625
    Products Included: 189 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦1,733,550
    Shares: 127
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦2,400,300
    Products Included: 381 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    Price: ₦3,480,750
    Shares: 255
    Profit Sharing Income: ₦4,953,375
    Products Included: 765 Bottles (50ML/Bot) of Perfumes

    How To Join BOSS International

    To join BOSS directly from here, follow the steps below:

    1. Register using my Referral Link: BOSS INTERNATIONAL - Member's Area

    2. After successful registration, choose your preferred package and make a payment to the company account.
    ACCT Name: Business of Sharing Success Nigeria Limited (BOSS Nigeria LTD.)
    ACCT No : 1016342032
    Bank: Zenith Bank

    3. After payment, make sure that you screenshot your teller with the reference number on it, (very important ) and send it to me (you must register using my referral link for me to help you).

    4. The activation code/pin will be available and sent to your upliner (me) in 24hrs. I will send it to you to complete your registration.
    If you don’t want to go through this process, contact me on +2349050965432 and I will give you another method you can follow to register and get activated in few minutes time.

    Contact me on:
    Call/Text/Whatsapp: +2349050965432

    {filename}-Boss International - Make More Than 500k In A Month
    {filename}-Boss International - Make More Than 500k In A Month
    {filename}-Boss International - Make More Than 500k In A Month
    {filename}-Boss International - Make More Than 500k In A Month

    Contact me on:
    Call/Text/Whatsapp: +2349050965432

    BOSS International - Build Your Success Story and Wave Bye to Poverty
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  4. Fredman ben

    Fredman ben Active

    welcome to MMM Assembly. Launch June 15th, 2019.
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    25% in 15 days.
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  5. Fredman ben

    Fredman ben Active

    welcome to MMM Assembly. Launch June 15th, 2019.
    50% in 30 days,
    25% in 15 days.
    10% referral bonus
    2% registration bonus
    All provide help would be locked for 14 days, and can be matched as from 14-30days. You can choose to gh on the 15th day and get 25% profit on your capital, or wait till the 30 days and gh 50%. Click here to register