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Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

Discussion in 'ICOs & Bounties (free bitcoins!)' started by idrix, Dec 28, 2017.

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    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network
    Official website:


    Bob’s Repair is a company created to eliminate cheating in a skilled trading services industry by launching a decentralized website where everyone can perform a search based on previous transactions for any worker and see how many services they have.

    Bob’s Repair founder has been connecting contractors with consumers since 2013, serving 55,000 consumers and generating over $ 1,000,000 in revenues for their contractors through marketing initiatives. The brothers then decided to use Blockchain technology to solve major problems affecting today’s home improvement market by setting up Bob’s Repair.

    Bob’s Repair’s mission is to completely eliminate cheating and intermediaries in the industry, bringing all consumers immediate and low-priced, transparency and peace of mind when looking for contractors.

    Bob Repair will utilize a smart contract to withhold payment on escrow and remove it when the milestone is completed.

    Bob Repair is building a Trusted Transaction Network where consumers can set milestones with contractors and release funds after completing each stage of the project.

    Smart contract — cryptocontract is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currency or assets between parties under certain conditions. Smart contracts not only characterize guidelines and punishments around the same understanding as conventional contracts, but they can also authorize that commitment. Without a creative broker is guaranteed easy to use.

    With this consolidation into Bob’s Repair platform, openness and trust will be achieved. Once one party meets the demand or supply, the framework naturally makes predetermined deposits and in circumstances where one party misses the mark, everyone will understand the implications.

    Unique features of Bob's repair

    1. Trust With Blockchain

    All reviews will be linked to actual financial transactions, providing consumers with reviews that are real and unalterable

    2. Nation-Wide Expansion

    The 50,000+ customers that the Prandecki Brothers have previously connected to contractors will be onboarded on the Bob's Repair application.

    3. Smart Contracts for Smart Contractors

    Bob’s Repair will leverage smart contracts to hold payments in escrow and issue them as milestones are completed

    Bobsrepair is partnered with a lot of companies inorder to increase the success of the project.

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

    Bob's repair i c o

    The founders of Bob’s Repair have been connecting contractors to consumers since 2013, servicing 55,000 consumers and generating over $1,000,000 in income for their contractors through marketing initiatives. The two brothers then decided to utilize Blockchain technology to solve the great problems affecting the current home repair market by founding Bob’s Repair. Bob’s Repair is a company that was created in order to eliminate review fraud in the skilled trade service industry by launching a decentralized website where anyone can search by previous transactions for any worker and see how much their services.

    will cost — information that is stored in an unalterable fashion for everyone to see. The founders will onboard the previous 55,000 clients and workers to the portal immediately after launch. We are changing the world by starting with the contractors — who will believe lie at the most essential part — the heart — of our society.


    Total token supply: 360,000,000 BOB

    50% token for ICO participants

    20% token for Team, Adviser and Bounty

    20% token will remain in the Reserve Fund{filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

    50% Token Sale
    20% Team
    10% Legal
    20% Reserve


    Start: 04 Jan 2018, Thursday

    Hard cap: 30,000 ETH

    Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

    Token: BOB

    Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 6000 BOB

    Pre-sale begins on January 4th

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network
    John McAfee
    Partner and Senior Advisor to Bob’s Repair.


    Frideric Prandecki

    Co-Founder, CEO
    Frideric is a graduate level management student at Harvard University. He completed his Bachelor's degree from North Carolina State University. Frideric is a serial entrepreneur with
    experience in management and ownership of enterprise operations. He onboarded hundreds
    of contractors to the Skilled Trade Worker Platform, expanding the predecessor company’s
    customer list to over 55,000 consumers.

    Alexandre Prandecki
    Co-Founder, COO
    Alexandre is a graduate level management student at Harvard University. He previously
    raised over $200,000 and developed a smartphone application for university students which launched in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Alexandre has extensive experience
    working abroad in teams with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. He successfully
    developed the Skilled Trade Worker Platform (STWP), connecting over 55,000 consumers
    with home repair jobs. Alexandre is highly involved in the community. He is a Disaster Action Team Member at the American Red Cross and is a recipient of the American Red Cross’ Hero of Las Vegas Award for his work assisting victims of fires.

    Todd Conley
    Co-Founder, CIO
    Todd is a co-founder and the CTO of Bob’s Repair. He is a former Microsoft program
    manager & systems engineer, and has an MBA in technology management from the
    University of Washington. Todd has experience developing cloud based systems for sports,
    healthcare, real-estate, and home repair verticals

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

    Trusted Advisors

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network

    {filename}-Bob’srepair - Building A Trusted Transaction Network


    Website :

    Whitepapper :

    ANN Thread :

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    username: idrix1

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