Review Bitcoin In Danger Of Dropping Below $6000. Should You Still Hold?

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    Bitcoin is hanging on $6,000 level with chances of hitting new low this year.

    The year 2018 happens to be the longest bear run for bitcoin and altcoins. While some of these altcoins have left the top 20, some have climbed. But bitcoin remains no 1. Its dominance is above 50% according to coinmarketcap.

    The market is in red right now. There is fear that bitcoin will experience more fall, perhaps a crash.
    Nevertheless, today has been a really bad day for the entire cryptocurrency market. In alliance with Bitcoin, a majority of the cryptocurrencies lost a significant part of their value.
    PhotoGridLite_1534007294004.jpg-Bitcoin In Danger Of Dropping Below $6000. Should You Still Hold?

    If we take a look at the total market cap chart, about $24 billion has been lost today. And in the past three days, close to $50 billion has been wiped from the market.

    Should you cut your losses and quit? Remember, bitcoin is not for the weak hands, but for the strong. We might still experience the worst, bitcoin falling to the range of $3000 to $4000 level according to some experts, this might signal the long awaited bull run that will be the biggest in history.

    For now, this is the period to keep stocking your bitcoin portfolio in readiness for the bull run.
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