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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Phicthor, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Phicthor

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    This is an opportunity for the serious ones that this season will shall win Big and we wanna make many people broke bookies.

    We organize a WhatsApp group where games will be posted and also were will be more To benefit for ever members.

    How to join the WhatsApp Group
    Its Free
    All you ave to do is to send in SMS JOIN WITH YOUR NAME TO 08131150307
    EXAMPLE ( JOIN TOPE ) TO 08131150307

    Dont miss this opportunity Start sending your SMS now
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  3. omotosho

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    dat one no need.... add up if u wanna help... 08142829759
  4. Sullex

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    Sulex 08147367324
  5. Phicthor

    Phicthor Upcoming

    Its not about me its about you who wish to join not a must just follow the instruction posting your numbers here is not the option follow the instruction if you want to join.
  6. Phicthor

    Phicthor Upcoming

    Pls do follow the instructions stated I Neva say post your numbers here becus we want it to be organize not just ordinary group its a group with lot of interesting part not a must for all to join only those who are serious about it
  7. thafweshgeek

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  8. Sullex

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    Y haven't u added me
  9. KrissKross

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    It's always nice to have a source of information which allows you to make the right bets but another important thing is to use a good, reliable betting webste. If you don't have one yet, you just have to take a look at reviews on which will definitely help you.
  10. boswor

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    hi! you will make a predictions for the matches?
  11. martiscore

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