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Best Places To Invest Bitcoins Online For "small & Large" Investors!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

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    Where to Invest Small and Big amounts of Bitcoins
    You will have either of the above whatever the case may be and so this post has to do with you and how you invest your Bitcoins. Actually i will be educating you further on what some of the very best Investments one can make in Bitcoins are as regards Big investments and smaller ones!

    I already made a post earlier on Bitcoins investments and i suggest you read it up if you are still having doubts about Investing in the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, if you don't have any more doubts about this, it's time to swing into action and start Investing! Bitcoins investments is an interesting topic and it's relatively easy to engage in. As Bitcoin transactions are very simple and fast, it becomes even easier to Invest with Bitcoins and that's exactly why you need to start doing so... Because it's simple, easy and profitable.
    There are a ton of other reasons but i will share those in another thread. For now, i will just go ahead and give you the best ways to invest your Bitcoins when it is small and when it is big too!

    Investing Small Amounts of Bitcoins
    Pretty easy to do so. If you have some Bitcoins, any way between 2-50 dollars, it's best to Invest your Bitcoins in schemes that will yeild profit fast even though they are not as secured as those that takes a lot of time yet are sure to yield. This is because as an Investor, your primary goal at this level is to grow your Bitcoins as fast as you can right? you care about your security and takes it seriously but that's not yet as you would take do if you were investing a thousand dollars into a scheme!
    SO, basically, you are willing to let down your guard a little in order to grow your bitcoins at a considerably fast rate. If that's you at the moment, then this is the way to go. We have a snumber of investment opportunities for you and i will list them down below.
    1. GetHelpWorldWide - Ponzi Schemes

    Learn more = My Money Making Journey With Gethelpworldwide - Follow & Be Rich

    This is a very safe and secured means of Investing your Bitcoins which i have tried/used severally in the past and it works perfectly without any glitches AT THE MOMENT! As it is a Ponzi scheme, it will eventually expire at some point but i don't think that gethelp is anyway near expiring at the moment!
    Investment Bonus - Earning Plan
    Gethelpworldwide allows youo to earn 50% of your investment monthly. Of course, it is only for a month and no more. So, you donate some Bitcoins to someone or some people and in 30 days, some other people will have to donate to you such that you earn 50% of what you invested in the system. I think that's really cool and it is the first secured investment i will suggest for anyone who wants to inves small amounts of Bitcoins.
    It's a bt slow but one of the very best and secured networks you can possibly use.
    To get started on Gethelpworldwide, Use the Link below to create an account and you can start pledging and earning!
    Kindly Click here to Register on the Platform and start earning
    2. NNN - Ponzi Scheme
    Learn more = Nnn-office | Nnn Nigeria Tutorials - All You Need To Know

    This is another one that is very secured too. They came around only a whle ago but have shown signs of a platform that will last for long and serve nigerians well.
    It's basically the same thing with Gethelpworldwde except for the fact that they are using an Interest rate of 55% instead of 50%.
    The interface is equally friendly and most importantly responsive. To get started on NNN Nigeria, click here to learn more about them and then click here to Register on NNN and start earning too .

    Investing Large Amounts of Bitcoins
    You This can be achieved by several means.
    First of all, the above mention means can help you earn and earn even faster than what am going to share below but i believe that if you have more than 200 dollars to invest and maybe 500 - 5000 dollars, you should not be using the above methods anymore. They are still working and may work for even long periods but there are other profitable methods by whcih you can grow your already large quantities of Bitcoin and that's the one i recommend mostly for people in this category because they are much more secured.
    Now, one thing you have to note here is this,
    With sch Big quantities of Bitcoins, your goal should not be quick money because the methods that gives you such are very volatile and can disappear any moment. Instead, you should be investing with registered companies and watch your Bitcoins grow each day evwn though the growth rate is small!

    So, what do we have for the Big-time Investors in Bitcoins?

    3. Bitcoin Mining!

    Cloud mining to be more precise. They have been around for really long and they are still going to be around for much longer. That's what i believe and i have reasons for believong such.
    Why do i trust that Bitcoin mining companies will last long in the busibness of Investing people's money and paying out as expected?

    It's simple. So long as people are using bitcons, these companies have to be in Operation and since Bitcoin obviously is going to last really long, it makes sense to argue that any Bitcoin Investment that you make now will last long into the future!

    Speaking of Mining, it will be needless for me to start talking about them here again as i already did that in some other thread!
    Yeah, i have discussed Bitcoin mning extensively in a live thread and the thread is still live wth a lot of Pictures and explanations to guide you through the process. I also share my own experiences so you can know what to avoid and what to do!
    To view the thread and start your Journey in Bitcoin mning, simply click: Btc School: Online Seminar On Bitcoin Investment And Growth!

    Those are the two basic investments i will suggest for anyone who wants to go into investments depending on how much you have to start with.

    Will you take my advice and start Investng?
    Do you thnk i got the figure right?
    Is there something you don't very much agree with and will to correct?
    Kindly use the comment box below for doing so!
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