Review Basics Understanding Of How Blockchain Works For Python Programmers

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    Hello guys,i have been researching on how i can understand the way blockchain transaction works in python programming language. Finally,i came across some articles that simply nail it,beginning from:

    1.system state and updating i.e blockchain version
    2.making a transaction these transaction are been verified
    4.The way blocksize is set
    5.verifying the chain
    6.Then putting them on blockchain

    Just understand how to code in python language

    With these tutorials,you can easily grab the nature of how transactions are done on Blockchain and create a new idea from there

    Go to
    1.Build Your Own Blockchain: A Python Tutorial

    2.A Practical Introduction to Blockchain with Python // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more

    3.How to Build a Blockchain Application With Python - Free Startup Kits

    enjoy the tutorial

    If you need help,just let me know through the comment box
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