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Bankta, The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Is Here!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Sep 21, 2018.

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    unlike other cryptocurrencies, Bankta is not basing its business model around rapidly inflating its value with hype and taking its users through a turbulent speculative roller coaster ride. Instead, the new currency hopes to capitalize on recent advances in technology to create a currency system built upon three core principles:

    Bankta is a centralized currency protected by 256-bit bank grade AES security. Because it is centralized, its value is more secure than many decentralized blockchain model currencies. “Our leadership is committed to making security priority one,” says BanktaFounder and CEOBill Hoge. “Without that, we have nothing.”

    Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the Banktacoinis based on the US dollar, so users will know what their Bankta is worth at any given time.

    User Empowerment
    Users will be able to convert their dollars into Banktacoinsand then back into dollars, which can be deposited in any bank. Bankta users get to retain their anonymity. Bankta has even set up an escrow system so that users can set milestones for transactions, and then have the power to unlock funds once those milestones are met or products received.

    “Bankta users will be able to apply their purchasing power safely, securely, anonymously, and with ease across the globe,” says Bill Hoge. “No more reading up on wallet storage systems or blockchain management –you just pay like you would with a credit card or online payment system and Bankta takes care of the rest.”

    Businesses who accept Banktacoins will get a boost from being early adopters in the new currency, without the risks associated with other cryptocurrencies. “If you’re accepting a cryptocurrency that could be worth thirty percent less in a week, it makes you nervous,” says Bill Hoge. “Bankta has removed all of that uncertainty by being tied to the US dollar. Day one, accepting Bankta will be just like accepting dollars, only it will be easy, online, and secure. Business owners can feel secure knowing their Bankta coins will not lose value and have the added benefit of reduced transaction fees, 60% less!

    To schedule an interview with Bill Hoge, contact Sarah Castillo at 1-800-877-0234 or 1-480-800-2793. Bankta is scheduled for a soft online launch in early November of 2018.

    About Bankta:

    The leaders of Banktabelieve thatcryptocurrency can be safe, secure, and give agency to its users around the globe. Bankta will be that currency. It will also be a platform where users can convert their money from other currencies to Bankta and back without fear of losing their buying power due to radical market swings. With its value tied to the US dollar, users can feel as confident that their Bankta will maintain its value as they would if they kept it in dollars. More information can be found at our


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