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ICO ( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Aug 10, 2018.

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    IMG_20180810_115203_677.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    According to the website, Bitminer Factory is a leading cryptocurrency Mining Operation fed with Renewable Energy and managed by a Team of clean energy and mining experts.

    It is a startup factory from Angeli’s Group,constructors and energy producers for forty years.They are the largest cryptomining group with more than twenty collaborators and more than three million euro revenues in Italy.

    Bitminer Factory is a mining contract that allow anyone to benefit from the production of the mining and renewable energy plants.

    An interested buyer can purchase Bitminer Factory Token(BMF)with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Any
    individual is entitled to use the factory's Mining Assets and services and receive their parts of cryptocurrencies that is generated by the mining operation.

    Bitminer Factory token provide it's owner the right to some parts of the overall profits of the mining
    operations operated using the profits or earnings obtained from the sale.

    Additionally,it is a tokenized mining contract that each owner can sell to third parties.Bitminer Factory Token holders can practises their rights with respect to Bitminer Factory based on their terms of sales which can be found on their website.


    IMG_20180810_115607_534.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    Blockchain and mining have been on crypto investors lips for the past few years and they witnesses a huge spike of interest since 2017, along with the speed movement of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    As reported and publicated in several online resources, the power needed for worldwide cryptocurrency mining operations has increased five fold in less than a year, reaching an amount high enough to maintain and preserve the energy requirements of whole countries such as Peru, Portugal or israel. This figure is increasing exponentially, and is expected to double in the next twelve months, up to 150 TWh/year, as much as the yearly energy consumption of the entire Netherlands. This inclination is clearly unsuitable and unsustainable, but is considered to continue due to the rising difficulty of mining operations and the increased competition in the field.

    Nevertheless, the fundamental architecture behind the cryptocurrency mining and Blockchain ecosystem, is an energy rigorous activity and as such it comes
    promisingly with a large carbon footprint, which desire attention.

    In the process to execute their tasks, miners need to perform computationally-intensive algorithms on the Blockchain using a plethora of high-tech equipment such as customized microprocessors or specialized Graphical Processing Units.

    IMG_20180810_115401_768.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    The first person who can bring solution to a particular problem on the Blockchain gets a reward in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency that is being mined, hence, the race or rush in utilizing powerful machinery that can allow to obtain such compensation.

    Miners need energy for performing computations and for cooling their equipment, which leads to an exploitation of existing fossil-fuel and other non-renewable sources, regardless of the impact they have on the environment due to their low cost which miners do not usually take into consideration.

    The high cost of cryptocurrencies makes the investments in mining increasingly profitable and so, increases the energy needed to perform such operations, fueling a vicious cycle.

    Moreover, the rising price of oil land and its volatility could uncertainly dampen the profitability of cryptocurrency investments, whose net profit is heavily reliant on fuel cost.

    Many recognized publications have begin to raise the alarm about the dangers related with indiscriminate energy consumption associated to cryptocurrency mining, and so,lord of crypto miners will not let this cry for help go to waste.

    The mission of Bitminer Factory is therefore, to make mining operations sustainable, both in terms of the profitability of investment and in terms of enviromental preservation.


    IMG_20180810_115907_877.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    Bitminer aim to use an increasingly-higher amount of energy from clean power sources, such as hydro and solar plants. They will place their decentralized mobile farming equipment close to eco-friendly sources, extremely reducing the amount of CO2 .

    Energy plants either renewable or non renewable all over the world usually have energy left that is not used and goes to waste. Bitminer Factory have set up partnerships that will allow to tap into these
    energy sources there by minimizing the need of producing energy for the mining purposes, benefiting the environment with a lower-cost power supply

    Bitminer Factory units can be easily moved around just like something on the wheels is movable and so, it will be easy for the factory to reach the plants that have the highest spare capacity from time to time.

    Diversification through Renewable Energy asset ownership will powered the position to achieve their goals. They will invest directly in the construction of Solar/Hydroelectric power plants. The 100% pure and renewable energy outcome will be used to directly power mining equipment.


    IMG_20180810_124135_595.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory


    GPUs which is (Graphics Processor Units) were primarily designed to improve and enhance the 3D graphics of the most demanding video games.

    This equipment are more faster than the main computer processors (CPUs) at doing particular calculations and therefore, are very suitable to mine cryptocurrencies.

    In addition, they can mine multiple or dozens of different cryptocurrencies, performing various algorithms, and can adapt to changing market conditions, always working on the most potential problems.


    IMG_20180810_120213_221.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    There are different types of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) which is designed for mining but the factory will focus on the ones that are able to mine Bitcoin because it is the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap.ASIC can usually run on only one algorithm but they are even faster in their calculations.

    Bitminer Factory already have hundreds of ASIC miners operating every day and ongoing business relationships with the main producers and distributors.


    IMG_20180810_123355_661.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory
    Bitminer Factory are conducting an Initial Contract Offering (“ICO”)

    The “BMF” token is an ERC-20 token which is built on the ETH platform and it represents a Mining Contract between Token Holders and Bitminer Factory.

    Up to one hundred million BMF with the value of 1$ per BMF are offered to profitable and potential Token Holders through this ICO.

    BMF will be offered at 20% discount to nominal value in a Private-Sale from 25/5/18 to 20/6/18. Afterwards, the following discounts will apply 18% from 20/6/18 to 20/7/18, 12% from 20/7/18 to 8/8/18, 6% from 20/8/18 to 20/9/18 and 0% until Hard Cap is reached. Soft-Cap is set at $0.5M and Hard Cap is set at $100m.

    If Soft-Cap is not reached, all Mining Contracts will be cancelled and payments will be returned to Token Holders.

    If Hard Cap is reached, the ICO - Initial Contract Offering will be closed. ICO will be closed on 30/9/18.

    Individuals can make payments for BMF either in BTC, ETH and EURO, following the registration on Bitminer Factory website.


    IMG_20180810_123747_159.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    The Token Holders may benefit from the mining contract by holding the token,trading the token or participating in BuyBack Plan.

    Holders will also benefit from yearly payouts in Cryptos in proportion to the amount of BMF each individual hold in relation to the overall amount of BMF Tokens in circulation.


    IMG_20180810_123937_049.JPG-( B M F ) The Blockchain Revolution With Renewable Energy: Bitminer Factory

    Website: - Blockchain made Sustainable



    Telegram: Bitminer Factory ICO

    Twitter: Bitminer Factory (@Bitminerfactory) | Twitter

    Facebook: Bitminer Factory

    Bitcointalk: [ANN]Bitminer Factory : BLOCKCHAIN MADE SUSTAINABLE

    Instagram: Bitminer Factory (@bitminer_factory) • Instagram photos and videos


    Medium: Bitminer Factory – Medium

    YouTube: Bitminer Factory

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