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Atiku Or Buhari, The Problem Of Nigeria Persists & Why Biafra Is Only Answer

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Oct 9, 2018.

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    May 24, 2016
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    Screenshot_2018-10-09-00-03-48.png-Atiku Or Buhari, The Problem Of Nigeria Persists & Why Biafra Is Only Answer
    History in classrooms will never teach you this my friend, so better come closer.
    Have you been wondering why this country is progressively getting worse by the day.?

    There are many ways to learn the WHY but I pity those who blame one government after another thinking the government has anything to do with out sufferings.

    Far from the govt we know, the story of our Enslavement and doomed destiny began with the British who still rule us today through their enthroned and closely monitored govt in this concussion we call a country.
    Take a look at the first picture again. It goes this way...
    The BRITISH FORCES FOUGHT FOR THE IGBOS FOR *31 GOOD YEARS* between Anioma in Delta and Onitsha in Anambra state alone.
    When they won, they created Southern Nigerian Protectorate which they would later join to the Northern Protectorate to create a fake country. But that's not all..

    When the British forces (yes, soldiers) entered the North, the Fulanis have already conquered the Hausas we know and rule through their Emirs. They simply sold the Hausa land to the British and their no need to fight much again. That's why Britain loves Fulanis (not Hausas).
    When they came to Igbo land, they had to fight against the for 31 good years to win and history has it that it is the longest they have ever had to fight before claiming lands anywhere in the world.
    With their victory, Nigeria became possible. And they simply handed power over to the Fulanis when they were leaving in 1960.

    You would do the same right? Give your possession to the most LOYAL servant. The Fulanis don't think twice before selling Nigeria because the land and resources is not theirs, they being foreigners.
    Now, these highly uneducated gentlemen want to vote for Buhari, Atiku, Saraki, name them. They are all FULANIS and they are all the SAME PIECE OF INSTRUMENTS IN THE HANDS OF THE BRITISH TO FURTHER ENSLAVE NDI IGBO, NIGERIA, AFRICA at large.
    How can you fight Buhari(corruption) with Atiku (an equal evil). It's impossible. Whoever wins, the British wins and are still in power!

    It's painful how hopelessly uneducated our people are and there's indeed little hope.
    Nnamdi Kanu was a British citizen but the day Buhari made away with him, Britain government were happy because he was fast dissolving their evil empire.
    Considering the little tough history we just dealt with, you can verify => Ekumeku Movement - Wikipedia

    Just don't look into your history textbook because the evil done by Britain is not meant for those books. It's erased like it never happened.

    The fact remains and I want you to know today. There's no hope for real Nigerians(Hausas and other INDIGENOUS tribes) or Igbos in a country called Nigeria... This country is simply set up to supply the oil needs of British government. It's simply business.
    Whoever wins come 2019, Buhari or Atiku, it's like removing Messi to bring Ronaldo, they will keep doing whatever Britain says they should do.
    You better stop celebrating your Enslavement and wake up to the truth. So called North and Southern Nigeria are only joined because the British need the obedient North to control the Stubborn South.

    I wish us all long life enough to discover the truth in our own ways, stand by it and rescue ourselves because indeed, we live fake lives with fake identities in fake countries created for the sole benefit of our creators (British, French and Co.)
    Today, Ambazonians in southern Cameroon has picked up arms to fight their govt. and the French govt. that is controlling the country the same way Britain is controlling Nigeria.
    The world calls them rebels but indeed, they are fighting for freedom from the colonial masters and only the educated people who don't listen to the lies on TV knows this.

    I don't wish for NDI Igbo to fight another war for their freedom from Nigeria or Britain but of a truth, after fighting for 31 years and losing(Ekumeku_Movement) ,
    Fighting for another 3 years and losing(Biafra war) ,
    Naturally, the fight will come again because the fight has ALWAYS been to RESIST the chains of slavery by the British Government.
    Love it or Hate it, fact remains. The day Nigeria frees Biafrans and we get back to the way we were before the British fought and conquered Igbo LAND, that is the day we regain our lives, land, future.

    We are Biafrans, Indigenous People of Biafra and we say it the way it is because,
    *When Good men keep quiet, EVIL thrives*

    And Evil doesn't need fertilizer to thrive in Nigeria. Because the dead bodies of freedom fighters who have fought for centuries for their people (including: Hausas against Jihadist Fulanis; Igbos against British; Biafrans against Nigeria) make very good manure for more and more evil to grow in this country.
    Peace ✌
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