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    I've searched as far as I could to get a named
    association on programming/software development
    in Nigeria, and have not yet come across one.
    Actually, this came into me when my boss asked
    me of conferences/workshops, strictly software
    development/engineering, that I can attend just like
    others in other sections of the organization.
    Please friends, if there is any let's shout it out. If
    there is none, I think we can start something.
    We need this to setup standards in this priceless
    field of ours. Let's come together and show the
    nation how important we are. We cant be talking
    about ICT without programming. Now, where is the
    programming and the programmers in this
    developing nation of ours.
    Please, replies to this topic will help us.
    Americans and Indians are not better,
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  2. Prezzy

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    You are right. But a lot of things come into play here.
    Creating an association of programmers in Nigeria doesn't solve the problem that programmers face. I believe we should focus on the welfare of these programmers before talking about their association.

    For example, few people in most Nigerian states get to handle a laptop before the age of 17 when they are in higher institutions.

    How do you expect such a person to develop or think about joining any association?

    Point is... Solve the fundamental problems that we face in Nigeria as programmers before progressing to create any association of programmers!

    Nice thread you created here bro.
    Hope others will contribute here too
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  3. Abasiofiok Bassey

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    Awesome proposition bro.... :cool:
    I think empowerment can solve this issue.. You know we Nigerians are like cow breast,, if we are not hit hard, we won't produce milk:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Empowerment can change this fact...
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  4. Kongasir

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    Yeah this issue cannot be underrated
  5. electrode

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    there is,but most of them are local asin not made known internationally