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Crypto News Answer Questions And Earn Reward In Xlm

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency News (HAPPENING!)' started by Nankyep Goldun Petong, May 21, 2019.

  1. hi, i come across this site that pay you to answer questions, if you answer their questions you get reward in dollars but payment is made to you in XLM stellar Lumens coins. just sign up you will thank me letter.
    Masmic - Answer questions and earn rewards
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Stella is really getting attention from people.
    Imagine Stella being listed on Blockchain app. I was surprised.
  4. yes o, even coinbase, there is a video clip on their site that educate people about stellar coin and they also reward any body that watch it to the end in stellar coins
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  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Nice. Stella all the way
  6. yes, thanks
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  7. thanks for the like
  8. if you have register on masmic, please this is what you should do to earn XLM,
    1, login and answer question, if you don't know answer to any question, browse for answer so that you can earn.
    2, After answering, click submit,
    3, when submission is successful, other people answer will come up
    4, vote the correct answer by clicking on the upward green arrow
    upload_2019-5-31_18-25-43.png-Answer Questions And Earn Reward In Xlm
  9. Anastasiia

    Anastasiia Jackobian

    What is the main goal of this site? Just paying money for answering questions?
  10. making money, of-causes you pay for posting your questions.
  11. Anastasiia

    Anastasiia Jackobian

    I got it, thank you
  12. ok, good
  13. refer your friends to masmic for more xlm
  14. join it's free and start earning
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  16. Fredman ben

    Fredman ben Active

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  17. Harmonysd

    Harmonysd Jackobian

  18. Fredman ben

    Fredman ben Active

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