[ann] Xsl Labs - Your Data Belongs To You

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    {filename}-[ann] Xsl Labs - Your Data Belongs To You


    {filename}-[ann] Xsl Labs - Your Data Belongs To You

    What is XSL Labs ?

    Your identity data is under constant threat. Stored on centralized databases, they are vulnerable to hackers and private companies who exploit them without your knowledge.

    By using an encrypted decentralized identifier, you have the power to say "no" to data theft.

    Thanks to it, you will be able to secure your identity on the web and on apps.

    XSL Labs offers you this solution thanks to its decentralized identifier, the SDI, and offers grants to the developers of tomorrow who wish to develop a decentralized app on their ecosystem.

    Discover the Internet of Trust, visit xsl-labs.org.


    Centralizing your digital identity in insecure databases makes your personal data increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    In order to prevent this issue, XSL Labs will offer you a fully decentralized Secure Digital Identifier, called SDI.

    With blockchain technology, your personal data will be encrypted and distributed in numerous servers in order to make it impossible for a third party to crack your data.

    With the SDI, you will be able to control access to your personal data, view your interactions’ history and enjoy more safely the many services that the Internet of tomorrow will offer.
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