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    {filename}-[ann] Metaaco Coin - (maco) | Masternodes | Pos

    MetaACO is a coin that will give you rewards in a DECENOMY framework.
    Similar to Bontecoin Sapphire Trittium Birake PeonyCoin Beacon Suvereno Monk Peps Eskacoin Cryptoflow Cryptosaga Kyanite UltraClear Mobility Coin One World Dash Diamond and Aezora.

    Launching on August 1st 2022 12:00PM UTC

    {filename}-[ann] Metaaco Coin - (maco) | Masternodes | Pos

    MetaACO (MACO) Coin Specs

    PoW Algorithm: Quark
    Premine (Start Supply): 10,000,000 MACO (1%)
    PoW Blocks: 1 - 1000
    PoS Blocks: Starting from 1001
    Block Time: 60 Seconds
    Maturity: 100 Confirmations
    Max Coin Supply: 1,000,000,000 MACO (in 20 years)
    Prefix: MetaACO (MACO) adresses start with the letter "M"
    Ports: 5369 (p2p) / 5370 (rpc)

    We are Already a Running Project!

    Our services include Blockchain Domain Names, One-Click Contract Deployment, NFT Marketplace and Metaverse future projects.

    Offering blockchain services to many blockchains including Bitgert, EtherLite, Polygon, Tron, Ethereum etc... Antares Codes - Where NFTs are not just Pretty Pictures

    We also have our own Crypto Social Network ACO Social with 730+ members.

    To be in the first batch to start a masternode, you have to get in the Antares Codes ACO Token pre-sale at Antares Codes - Where NFTs are not just Pretty Pictures (see pic below)

    600,000 ACO tokens for pre-sale, with 150,000 in bonuses for a total of 750,000. Antares Codes will allocate 750,000 MetaACO Coins from the Pre-mine at 1:1 rate.

    This will ensure that we will have some members ready to start a Masternode (requiring 25,000 MACO collateral) in the first week of the launch in August.

    {filename}-[ann] Metaaco Coin - (maco) | Masternodes | Pos
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