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ICO (ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by idrix, Oct 28, 2018.

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    {filename}-(ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors

    Since a few months, ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are the hottest and most discussed topic in the area of investment and blockchain technology. An ICO is basically a crypto and blockchain based Initial Public Offering. You can refer to ICOs also as IPCOs - Initial Public Coin Offerings.

    In the recent weeks, companies were able to raise as much as 100 million dollar’s worth of cryptocurrency within just a few hours. An unbelievable deal which is impossible in traditional business angel or venture capital financing. An ICO became the easiest way today to raise outside funding by selling equity.

    Many say that the biggest problem of an ICO is the lack of regulation. In fact, ICOs are basically completely unregulated. However, the lack of regulation might not be the largest problem. The problem is rather the lack of company valuations and evaluation. Tiny teams of as much as two or three founders are able to raise millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies within a few hours without showing any prototype, real product, market validation, great team, nor knowledge.

    Most ICOs are solely based on a white paper - which is a technical scientific paper describing the underlying technology of the product. The White Paper is basically the business plan or business model canvas for crypto startups. These white papers are highly technical. I highly doubt that all investors or speculators understand them. As a result, speculators invest into companies without a prior evaluation, without a working product, without an established team, without even understanding the technology behind it.

    It is obvious that both investors and the owner of new blockchain start ups need a platform which will serve as a watch guard dog providing the investors with best of icos as well as finding potential investors for the new startups.

    {filename}-(ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors

    The ICOVO PLATFORM is the first ever platform to propose solutions to most of these challenges. Users can have access to a single token market place through within which they are able to access numerous ICOs that have been vetted by a team of experts. Buyers are able to invest into closed ICOs, with the benefit of receiving exclusive prices that are mostly better than the prices issued by ICOs to the public. The risk of investment is reduced because the tokens in the market are only those that have been evaluated, bought by ICOVO and have an above average chance to succeed.

    ICOVO is the world’s first and only ICO platform that can actualize healthy ICOs. The core of its service is the DAICOVO smart contract, which is based on the concept of DAICO, which was advocated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in January 2018. Each country’s government is advancing regulation in order to create a healthy environment for ICOs, but this is difficult to achieve for borderless ICOs using only centralized regulation. the platform will also solve fraud and decrease in project motivation.

    ICOVO provides the opportunity to access ICOs that have been vetted by investment experts and would otherwise be out of reach, with the ease of having a single point of entry into the market for several different tokens. In a normal process, any potential buyer must create a profile and go through KYC procedures for each specific ICO they wish to invest in before it is listed on an exchange. An ever-bigger obstacle for investors is that the best ICOs often never go public, making them unavailable to 95% of the crypto community that is not going to conventions or meetings to participate in ICOs. Finally, ICOVO will help investors choose which ICO to invest in based on fundamentals and experience, overcoming another huge barrier which most investors fail to surpass.

    Organizations considering ICOs as a viable fundraising tool need to be prepared to comply with KYC and AML regulations on ICOVO PLATFORM, with the expectation that they will be enforced in the near future. THE ICOVO PLATFORM will conduct a due diligence background check in legal structuring and documentation the projects trying to conduct an ico process. Thus this precaution will put a stamp of legitimacy on the project, boost public perception and garner credibility with investors down the road. Ensuring that ICOs are aligned with KYC/AML regulations will lay a foundation for almost certain and more punitive compliance enforcement down the road.


    ICOVO will issue its own token named OVO that serves as the fueling coin of its ecosystem. ICO investors can purchase ICO project tokens at a 25% discount compared to purchasing with ETH. It can also be used to pay for co-working spaces and other services ICOVO platform provides. Moreover, OVO can be used to exercise voting rights for raising the Tap (amount that can be withdrawn per second) or returning a procured funds back to the investors. The OVO token does not possess the functionality of assets such as securities, and its distribution is not linked to ICOVO’s profit

    · Ticker: OVO

    · Token type: ERC20

    · ICO Token Price: 1 OVO = 0.30 USD

    · Fundraising Goal: 12,300,000 USD (60,360 ETH)

    · Total Tokens: 200,000,000

    · Available for Token Sale: 60%

    · Know Your Customer (KYC): YES

    · Сan't participate: USA

    · Pre-sale Bonus: 40%

    · Bonus for the First: UP TO 10%

    · Min/Max Personal Cap: 50 USD / 250000 USD

    · Accepts: ETH

    {filename}-(ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors


    {filename}-(ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors

    {filename}-(ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors

    {filename}-(ann) Icovo - A Secure Platform For Ico Investors


    Websites: ICOVO: No ICO, No Future.

    Medium: ICOVO – Medium


    ANN: [ANN]ICOVO is the world's first ICO platform protecting Investors with [DAICO]

    Twitter: ICOVO (@ICOVOCO) | Twitter

    Facebook: ICOVO

    Telegram: ICOVO Group



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