[ann][hbit] Hbit Blockchain | For Everyone, As Simple As Breathing.

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    {filename}-[ann][hbit] Hbit Blockchain | For Everyone, As Simple As Breathing.


    Official Blockchain FrontEnd: HBIT Blockchain | Connect to Blockchain
    - My Wallet
    - Explorer
    - Mining HBIT
    - Issue Asset
    - Decentralized Assets Exchange
    - Decentralized Email
    - Blockchain Group Chat
    - http API
    - HBIT Dev Kit (javascript)
    - HBIT php
    and many more...

    Max Supply: 50 Billion
    To be Mined: 49.5 Billion
    Block Time: 30 seconds

    HBIT does what all other blockchains do not do or do in part ....

    - Interact on the Blockchain directly from the FrontEnd, without compromise, without wasting time understanding how or what to do, in a few clicks!

    Some differences
    - Send and Receive HBIT in seconds (Block Time 30 seconds) (around 40x faster than Bitcoin)
    - Issue Asset with one Click, Transfer and Trade with extreme low transaction fees 0.00001 HBIT.
    - Send and receive messages directly, or attach it when send HBIT.
    - Green! No heavy node to run.
    - Mine HBIT directly on Frontend with just 1 click (CPU Mining).
    - Build app and Games with our http API, not need a contract, transactions will be managed directly when sending to Blockchain at world low fees.

    many other features are under development....

    Facebook: Log in to Facebook
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HashBitorg
    Instagram: Login • Instagram
    Telegram: HASHBIT.org Official
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6s8POT8-n3-h9ebxH630cg
    GitHub: HashBitorg - Overview

    for Mass adoption, Speed and easy to use is the base to do it!
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